Text of poetry "The thinking of James Leopardiʱ??.

Sweet, powerful
dominator of my deep mind;
terrible, but expensive
dono del sky; consort
to my gloomy days,
I thought that before me so often come back.

Of your arcane nature
who does not speak? Its order among us
those who did not hear? Always
who say its effects
the human languages ​​the hearing propio spurs,
par novo to listen to what that he thinks.

How lonely is made
about mind of my time
there you lay these things to bring home!
Rape of around around par lightning
the others thoughts my
all have slipped away. Since tower
in lonely field,
you're just, giant, among,it lei.

Who became son, but thee only,
all the earthly deeds,
the whole life I look at my!
That intolerable boredom
lounges, businesses used,
and vain pleasures vain thy hope,
beside that joy,
heavenly joy that comes from you!

As' bare rocks
the rugged Apennines
in a green field afar smile
He draws the covetous eyes pellegrino;
I from this dry and harsh
worldly converse longingly,
almost happy garden, you return,
my senses and refreshes your living room.

Quasi incredible Parma
that the life unhappy and world fool
already for much time very
without you endured;
I can almost intender
as of other desires,
you save by similar, other sighs.

But when he never of down ere
this life which is intended to test,
fear of death He clutched his chest.
Today I think a game
ensuring that the world inept,
Heat lodando, ognora perch e umlaut,
necessitade extreme;
see e periglio apps, with a smile
his threats to contemplate m'affiso.

Sempre i codardi, e l’alme
ungenerous, abject
I was in contempt. Or stings every act unworthy
now my senses;
move the alma each example
human cowardice now to anger.
This age superb,
that to vote hopes and Nutri,
vague chatter, and of virtue enemy;
proud, asks the util,
and useless life
then more and more does not see divenir;
I feel most. A mockery
I humans judgments; and various vulgar
A 'in thoughts hostile,
and worth your disprezzator, tread.

In the waves you movi,
which does not give affection?
indeed what other affection
except that one among mortals is headquartered?
Avarice, haughtiness, I hate, disdain,
study of honor, reign,
which are other than cravings
al paragon di lui? Only affection
He is living among us: quest’uno,
bossy ladies,
dieder l’eterne leggi all’uman core.

Merit has not, He has no reason to life
if not for him, per lui ch’all’uomo it's all;
only excuse to fate,
we mortals on earth
He poses to suffer so certainly result;
only that sometimes,
all non gente proud, al cor non vile
about life of death is kinder.

For còr your joys, sweet thought,
prove humans worries,
and holding molt'anni
this life mortal, It was not unworthy;
and even go back,
so at what I de 'our ills expert,
to such a sign to start the course:
that the sands and between vipereo bite,
Henceforth I never tired yes
by mortal desert
non of your account, these our troubles
Vincer non tanto a mid laziness fine.

That world May, that nova
immensity, that heaven is
where often your wonderful charm
among innalzar! where I,
under another light that used astray,
my land was
and all the truth lay in oblivion!
These are, I think, i dreams
immortals. There finally, a dream
in much of the real waves s'abbella
it is you, sweet thought;
dream and blatant error. But nature,
below the graceful errors,
Divine six; because so alive and strong,
that meeting ver tenaciously to hard,
and often ver s'adegua,
nè the man dilegua, in lap death.

And you for sure, or My thoughts, you alone
vital to my days,
beloved cause of infinite troubles,
you will be with me for death a un time off:
ch'a signs live in the soul I feel
that perpetually Mr. gave me six.
Other gentle deceptions
soleami the true face
most always infievolir. The more I come back
to see again the one
What's with you thinking I live,
It grows the great delight,
grows that great delusion, I may breath.
Angelica beltade!
They seem any more beautiful face, wherever I miro,
almost a fake imago
your face Trying. You only source
of any other loveliness,
only true beauty I seem to be.

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