The poetry, It is what we dream, what we imagine, what we desire and what is done, often.
Jacques Prevert

for you love My Jacques Prévert

I went to the bird market
And I bought birds
for you
my love
I went to the flower market
And I bought flowers
for you my love
I went to the market of scrap metal
And I bought chains
Heavy chains
for you
my love
And then I went to the slave market
It sought thee
But I have not found
love my.
Prévert Poetry

Three lighted matches by Jacques Prévert

Three burning matches one by one in the night
The first to see the whole face
The second eyes to see you
The last for see your mouth
And all the dark to remember these things
While I hold you in my arms.
Prevert poems


Time Custom Jacques Prévert

At the door of the workshop
l’worker stops shooting
beautiful time he pulled his jacket
and as he turns
and watch the sun
all red round
smiling in his leaden sky and
Tell me about Comrade Sun
perhaps they are missing
which it is quite a coglionata
offer such a day
a landowner?
Prévert Poetry


Alicante di Jacques Prévert
An orange on the table
Your dress on the rug
And in my bed, you
Sweet gift of this
Coolness of the night
Warmth of my life.
Prevert poems .

The Stream – di Jacques Prévert

Much water has passed under the bridge
and also a great river of blood.
But at the foot of’love
a white flowing brook.
And in the gardens of the moon
where every day is a party to you
This brook sings asleep.
the moon is my boss
which turns into a big blue sun.
And your eyes are this sun.
Prevert poems

The discourse on peace – di Jacques Prévert

Towards the end of a speech extremely important
the great statesman stumbling
before the empty one bella sentence
ci shell inside
and lost with mouth wide open
showing its teeth
and tooth decay of its peaceful reasoning
Strips of nerve war
the delicate question of money.
Prévert Poetry

Small landscape of Britain

As beautiful this small landscape
These two rocks these few trees
and then the water and then the river
as beautiful
Very little noise a bit’ Wind
and lots of water
It is a small landscape of Britain
He can fit in the palm of your hand
when you look at it from afar
But approaching
no longer see anything
a collision with a rock
or against a tree
we do male It is sin.
Prevert poems

The belle Jacques Prévert families

Louis I
Louis II
Louis III
Louis IV
Louis V
Louis VI
Louis VII
Louis VIII
Louis IX
Louis X (said the Wrangler)
Louis XI
Louis XII
Louis XIII
Louis XIV
Louis XV
Louis XVI
and nobody nothing…
But who is this people
that does not have it done
to count to twenty?
Prevert poems


This love – Prévert

This love
So violent
So fragile
So tender
So desperate
This love
Splendid as the day
IS bad as the time
When the time is bad
This love so true
This love so beautiful
so happy
So gay
And so mockingly
Trembling with fear as a child in the dark
So confident
As a uomo so quiet in the middle of the night
This love that frightened others
That made them talk
What made them turn pale
This love spied
Because we spied it
Persecuted wounded trampled killed denied forgotten
Because we have persecuted,wounded, trampled, killed, denied, and forgotten it.
This entity of love
Still so alive
And filled with sunshine
it is yours
it is mine
It was that which was
This forever new thing
And that has never changed
true as a plant
Trembling like a bird
Warm and alive as the summer
we can both
Go and return
We can forget
And then fall asleep again
Reawaken, suffer, grow old,
Fall asleep once again
Dream about death
Wake up smiling and laughing
And grow younger
Our love is there
Stubborn as a mule
Alive like desire
Cruel as memory
Silly as the regrets
Tender as the memory
Cold as marble
Splendid as the day
Fragile as a child
It watches us smiling
It speaks to us without saying anything
And I trembling listening
And I call out
Call out for you
I call out for myself
I pray to you
For you , for me, for all those who love each other
And those who have loved
Yes I call out to him
For you, for me and for everyone else
I do not know
Stop there
There where you are
Where you were at other times
do not move
do not go away
we who have loved
We have forgotten you
Do not forget us
We had nothing but you on earth
Do not allow us to become cold
Although still very far away
And no matter where
Give us a sign of life
Much later on the edge of a wood
In the forest of memory
Stand up straight
Hold out your hand
And save us.

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