24 May 1915 – Hundreds of thousands of people were preparing for a march that would take them to a death almost certain.
During the premium war World perirono 1 million 200 thousand Italian. In world There were 16 million dead and more than 20 millions of wounded and mutilated, both military and civilian.

But not everyone knows that the war caused a’ wave of deaths much higher than that due to the same battles. What for us today may seem like a common flu, at the time he caused a cataclysm because of the prohibitive and inhumane conditions life the military and the civilian population.

L’Spanish influence, which initially spread to the terrible hygienic conditions in which they were subjected soldiers piled in the trenches, He made an impressive number of victims among the civilian population. Between the 1918 and the 1919 flu struck a billion people and killed about 50 millions around the world.

All this was caused by a war fratricidal that bloodied the’Europe. Some Philosophy bourgeois liken these dead the problems of European Community: spread, troika, public debt.

Admittedly are serious problems, but who can not understand the immense amount of suffering that is behind a conflict such as that of the first war I think that the world does not have a great sense of reality. Perhaps more than stay on books in their wealthy homes, would fine to make some journey in the areas of war to really understand what it means (provided they have a sensitivity at least enough to empathize with the suffering of others).

said this, I'm not here to say that the European Community is a system polico-perfect economic and which is not, for the interest of few, also a cause of poverty and suffering. Today we live in a Europe of bankers and lords of finance whose governments of nation states are unable to manage their resources. On the other hand there is the German car, much more efficient than other, asking rigor politicians states “weak”.

If Greece is under these conditions, the responsibility not only of Germany, but especially of the Greeks ruled that are not able or do not want for personal interests in a profitable manage the fine public.

So who's paying for all this? Europeans obviously, who they are in the grip formed by the arms of corruption its governors and the German penalty.

But clear this project and dive back in nationalisms or in the extremist ideologies would take a step back. We got to’United Europe, we must begin now to build it, in a different way, sharing by the desire to move forward together and create a’Europe in which European citizens are at the center of economic policies.

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24 May 1915 – I dead of the first war World demand respect for a united Europe last edit: Wednesday,27 May 10:41, 2015 the nabladue

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