Berlusconi admitted: 20 year rule and not raise you to do any effective reform.

But the blame was the communists, judges, those on the right that are sold and, perhaps (adding my), of some woman too that distracted him.

Now we are in crisis, but when he was in government we lived in Eden. Was it a case that at the end of his era, they had to call a certain Monti to do “the collection” between citizens Italians not to send the country into bankruptcy.

Basically also he said that just go 6 hours per week on television as Renzi or Salvini to succeed political.

The pungent Fazio then asked: “… but now that there are communists in Italy (even if lei sta vendendo il suo amato Milan ai Comunisti con gli occhi a mandorla) by those who should defend?” And Berlusconi responded serenely “The Cricket obviously”.

Manzoni gives to posterity will judge. I wonder if posterity will have the courage of osannarlo as national hero, confirming my thesis that posterity are not really suited to give the “difficult judgments”!

Berlusconi: “20 year rule and not raise you to do any effective reform” last edit: Monday,en,25 May 11:19, 2015 the nabladue

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