The time It seems to stand for Italian politics. The same theme is repeated for months without finding a solution. I talk show politici They are all the rage and are able to be competitive with calcium and reality shows in terms of audience. Now have themselves become real reality show where self-centered characters and take part in a bizarre and grotesque tragicomedy endless.

The actors of these interludes are political cabaret, lackeys disguised as journalists and cynical journalists who have understood how to use their spirit critical to participate as protagonists in these trashy sitcom.

How much time, energy and ingenuity to solve real problems remain?

Very little. But probably the goal is not to solve problems, but precisely to keep alive the fire that feeds them into a vicious circle with no end.

Maybe it's the democratic system that is imploding on itself?

The legitimate claim of comparison is leading to destruction of real confrontation and constructive. What remains is only a bla bla bla trash with no real meaning or purpose.

The talk shows and the implosion of the democratic debate last edit: Thursday,3 September 09:45, 2015 the nabladue

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