"You thou hast no idea what we gain on immigrants? Drug trafficking makes it less ".

"We have closed this year with forty million turnover but all the money and the gains we've made on Gypsies, alloggiativa on emergency and on immigrants, all other areas end up at zero " – Buzzi says on the phone with another suspect.

Salvatore Buzzi (leftmost) – The right-hand man Massimo Carminati (far-right)

Queste due phrases, from the wiretapping investigation on mafia a Rome, express, as best you can, the absurdity and deep tread of opportunism that plasma le ideologie racist di estrema destra and the gooders leftmost. The two extremes are kissing thanks to mob that acts as a matchmaker.

The facts found by the investigation on mafia Romanian, his right hand in public demonized immigrants and was openly against the policies of the host, while the “left hand right”, secretly he is exploiting humanitarian policies to get rich.
practically, He was born a kind of bipolar perfect. A bipolar, not political but psychological, in which the protagonists, split to the bone, for propaganda purposes osteggiavano immigration, while secretly it supported by the reach forty million turnover.

No uomo dotato di un minimo di intelligenza può be razzista o xenofobo! Tutti quelli che fanno leva sul racism e sulla xenofobia lo fanno per accaparrarsi consensi (including our dear Matteo Salvini) and exploiting a human tragedy for personal gain. I mafiosi di Rome hanno addirittura fondato un business da 40 millions, alongside GDP “criminal” Drug, prostitution and smuggling will boost gross domestic product European!

the left, for the same reason, pursuing policies of doing good and welcome to eat with the right hand.

Obviously, non possiamo generalizzare e bollare tutto il sistema politico di Rome e d’Italia come corrotto, but much of it certainly is. Before condemning permanently
someone, we must wait for further investigations and judgments. The only certainty, however, is that a big chunk of the political class is corrupt both right and left. The worst thing about all this is that you take advantage of the most vulnerable minorities or emergencies to implement a real semi-legalized theft. Nel bipolarismo psicologico la destra è razzista, the left is-good, but those who lose out are often weak groups, needy or marginalized. Per di più siamo noi cittadini a dover sopportare il peso della crisi causata principalmente da speculazioni e furti perpetrati da chi dovrebbe governare e salvaguardare il fine public.

What can we poor citizens victims of this? it's time to change, di rendere noi stessi responsabili del change. The mafia not only in the streets, politics or institutions: It is also in behavior, in families and in private companies. And any behavior destroy meritocracy, any decision needed only to personal gain, each career's sake, ogni atto servile verso il power, each shortcut “sly”, ogni favore e favoritismo sul job, all fear of rebel, each desire of power for the power è MAFIA. Enough! Non aspettiamo che l’uomo invisibile cali dall’alto una soluzione. We begin, even in our small, con le words is, above all, with daily actions to combat Mafia mentality.

In addition to the hard shell of the Mafia, how normal and mundane bureaucrats are seen today in the public sector and businesses. Sono germi del male. These potential Eichmann are the greatest danger to society. These poor creatures are ready for anything, just to make a career. Il loro silence, la loro muta e servile cooperazione è ciò che dà power alla mafia, It is what fuels the mafia mentality.
We are all involved, no one can be exempt from fighting this battle!

I fatti sulla mafia Romanian – taken from ansa.it

I'm 37 the arrest warrants in the investigation “World middle” della Procura di Rome, which has effectively dismantled a “cupola” between politics, Mafia and former parts of subversion of the right and of the crime which was holding a dirty business in the capital. In prison ended 29 while eight people have been placed under house arrest. Those arrested: former Nar and Banda Magliana Massimo Carminati, the former CEO of Ente Eur Riccardo Mancini, former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Capitol Luca Odevaine, l’ex ad dell’But Franco Panzironi, l’ex dirigente del servizio giardini del Comune di Rome Claudio Turella e il dirigente dell’But Giovanni Fiscon.

Rome: La destra razzista e la sinistra buonista unite dalla mafia last edit: Tuesday,9 December 01:21, 2014 the nabladue

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