Winter was the season he loved. Cold air and sun, just like that day. The windows fogged bus 791, direction Trastevere, They did not prevent him to look out the windows. The life che scorre tra le strade, people tra, machines and Tram, per cui il time sembra non passare mai. For them it all seems so easy, move on tracks: straight, curve, but they never think it could go separate ways; è proprio questa la loro beauty. every morning, always the same road, for going over the same points. Loro sì che non sentono lo scorrere del time. Instead Marco hears, to scroll, that a bit 'weighs, a bit 'like: he always tries different routes..
He has a book in his hands. "I must remember to look up each 5 pages' – thinks.
Often it happened to skip her stop. Read to him it was like entering another dimension, uno sparire dal world, annullarsi. Sometimes he wondered if this really was then that the book.
Twentieth page, it's time to get down.

Walk on Viale Trastevere and on one side, on the edge of a bank, notices two tramps: one young, high, riccio, long hair; the other, senior, lying on the sidewalk with two white dogs close.
Marco is ready to say: «no, I have no money, "the young tramp air sweet and reassuring says: "place bid, what you want, coins, Also cash, We do not offend ". Marco thinks "even cash, We do not offend ", and she starts laughing.
And farm, lo guarda negli occhi e intravede un uomo con un aria innocente,sweet eyes and desire to communicate. He takes the small change that has in wallet,giving them money, and goes on his way.

Walking continues to rethink "even cash, We do not offend ".
Buy a pair of socks at a stand and thinks "even cash, We do not offend. Ingenious!".
You put in your pocket 5 euro che gli danno di resto e decide di return dai suoi friends.
"place bid, what you want, cash also do not offend ".
"I passed 2 minutes ago".
«Ah, it is true".
«La battuta è troppo bella".
The young bum ride.
And Marco stupidly: "What kind are the dogs?"
"Dogs are, who cares".
"you are right".

Then he remembers why he was back there.
It is going to take the money, he thought he had put in his pocket, but does not find them, and he begins to search, to rummage, but by knowing, He begins to realize ...
"... Money, you lost money, the Lady!"
The old tramp rises, It is bent and limping, awkwardly he starts running, a lady stops and comes back with five Euros.
"Here are your. They have fallen and the lady picked them ».
"Maybe he did not see that I fell".
«No, saw, and will also have a lot of money ".
"I had them brought to you, because I liked the joke '.
Look at each other, the old man seems to be moved and embraces him.

Nel Menone di Plato, Socrates accompagna uno schiavo, che non sapeva anything of math, nella dimostrazione di un difficile theorem di geometria, and to the astonishment of all present, the slave succeeds in demonstrating.
The criticism vuole che Plato We tell this to show that the ideas are innate, a me piace pensare che Socrates, in un time in cui gli schiavi erano considerati poco più che oggetti, he did to show that men can have capacity, regardless of the role they play in society.

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