He had failed to give a direction to its existence, to give substance to its thoughts. When he lost love, He had lost everything. He was no longer able to wonder; to contemplate beauty its fragile existence. his thought He is always lost in the void, in anything. I loved Nietzsche, and finally he thought that would free mankind from slavery, the It Gave. But did not realize that, actually, the destruction of a religion comporta sempre la birth di un’altra. In fondo, What are words?

Of pen strokes to which we give a meaning and a sound. Change the signs and the sound vibrations associated with them, not cancel, but only carry. Come se, Also ideas, becoming ink su carta od sound wave, and needing a material medium through which propagate, They were subject to the laws of physics and, therefore, ʱ??anything creating and anything destroyed, but everything is transformed ".
But now he felt free, free words overwhelming and full of obscure meanings. Earlier that world She made him happy. so it is, always he came back to himself. He felt satisfied. Come se quell’universe gli infondesse il senso di sicurezza che la distruzione dei securities, which he had devalued and loved annihilating, He had removed. Nonetheless, at a certain moment, He began to not enough, more to himself. La sua soul He was turned off by the very freedom that had closed in on itself. And now life He had no sense, She rested on a deep emptiness that made him fall into the abyss of anything. That void swallowed his be in a pit that devoured even light that unsuspecting lapped her privacy. And then the day never passed, the time era lento, his be it just was not.
At least now he understood that Nietzsche He was innocent, He was not responsible "death of It Gaveʱ??. It was simply a clever actor playing his part, he read the plots of his time and wove on paper. Perhaps he began to understand, He had chosen not be.

Unaware of all this, at that moment a little girl holding out a hand. He was there before him, in the flesh. She asked him what it was that strange object was wearing.
"a helmet, a simple helmet "- answered.
Not satisfied, the submerged Applications.
"But how do you walk this bike without pedals?ʱ??
The more he tried not to answer the silly Applications, more lei era interessata e stupita da quel world that began to know and admire.
His eyes were a fiery wave life that swept away like a leaf at the mercy of strong winds. Then he began see about beauty those eyes. Than Applications. The void left by curiosity, which in the past had abandoned, She startled him. And spaventò.
He could not help but follow the game of that child. He was no longer master of his eyes, his mind: He was to follow. IS lei premurosamente lo accompagnava per mano, with his ingenuity showed him the way, while it made him feel a fool. He felt humiliated by the innocent look of the weak figure that could easily wipe out, but that at that moment, It seemed stronger than any other demon. He looked inside: He was lost, confused, He shocked and could not understand what was going on. By now he was in his little hands. Lei era la sua guida e lui non poteva far altro che fidarsi. L’umiltà now he seemed to invest his pride that had never been dominated like in that case is, moreover, a fragile figure. So lei lo travolgeva come un’onda in piena a cui non poteva opporsi. The only way to escape was to follow. He remained at the mercy of his push disruptive. Let tossed like a piece of wood helpless, without opposing was the only way for non- be thrown to the ground.
The thought watching him from afar, but he said anything. He wanted to rise up and get rid of that useless girl, However he did not have the force, and it was as stunned by his stupid intelligence. While those of his dark, piercing eyes did not stop to watch and to shame.

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