It is an evening of many. We are sitting on a small couch. The atmosphere is calm, music low, the environment is lit with a pleasant soft light, the clock in the hall marks nine thirty in the evening. We are still able to enjoy the tranquility of the room almost empty, waiting for the crowd we submerge. Take a drink, we begin to talk about this and that when, I do not remember where we got, mine friend it makes me:
Marco: "… and yes, there is the Gran Sasso Zichichi who is playing with the particles'.
Nabla: "I do not know if under the Gran Sasso is buried Zichichi to work. I know you are conducting, in collaboration with the CERN in Geneva, a major experiment with Neutrinos: the objective is to make travel a beam of Neutrinos from Cern to Gran Sasso '.
Marco: "What the hell are these"Neutrinosʱ???".
Nabla: «Be’, are elementary particles with the very special features. I Neutrinos They have the ability to cross without any type of obstacle be absorbed or shielded from matter. The interesting thing is that we are not yet able to quantify the mass of these particles bizarre '.

Marco: «va be’, but what use is studying? These are the usual crap physicists!".
Nabla: "Mah ... first we could understand more about the origin and destination dell’universe is, then, from purely theoretical studies, often they arise technological innovations that become objects that can transform our lives ".
Marco: "As far as the technology is well; but everything else, why should it care? We are no longer in any case. Let us seize the moment, of live without asking too many Applications, friend".
Nabla: "If by live the mean time do not waste time, I am fine with me. But those who think they can seize the moment in a "pleasure-seeking" is a fool. Can not you see what I'm saying is already past!".
We sense the trouble that we're hunting. I stop for a moment to drink, I would like return frivolities evening… but
Nabla: "You realize you have to cross 732 chilometri nel sottosuolo senza che anything li possa schermare!".

Marco: "I must admit it is an amazing thing. But I can not understand how these Neutrinos can help in the understanding of life dell’universe".
Nabla: "You certainly know the Big Bang?".
Marco: "Yup. The explosion, the beginning '.
Nabla: "The problem is that no one knows how it will end, if there will be an end and if there was really a beginning '.
Marco: "As if there was a beginning?".
Nabla: 'Probably'universe continues to contract and expand to 'infinity: no beginning and no end, in a cyclic path victim eternal return ".
Marco: "Yes, but ... if it was so, It would be much the same concept of creating '.
Nabla: "Maybe so".
Marco: "IS It Gave?".
Nabla: "That does not deny His existence, just change your role ".
Everything stops for a moment. After a few moments I can see in the eyes of a Mark wonder taciuta, but its words betray him and insists:
Marco: "I still do not understand, however, that they function neutrinos in everything".
Nabla: "is simple, at this time the 'universe is expanding: all turn away from all, there is a central point. However we do not know
are, sooner or later, starts to shrink '.
Marco: "And that depends?".

Nabla: "Probably just from them, of their mass. as I told you, yet we were unable to quantify. The problem is that their mass - albeit small – could make a decisive contribution to force gravitational attraction between the elements of 'universeWait ..., maybe I'm getting ahead. Let's step back. You know that two bodies with mass attract each other according to the law of universal gravitation?".
Marco: "But it is the famous law of Newton's apple: two bodies attract each other with a force intensity directly proportional to the product of their masses ».

Nabla: "Yup, just that. Now, Whereas neutrinos are present in large numbers in the 'universe, even if their mass is small, They may develop a force attractiveness, added to the other forces present in the 'universe, would change the destination. In poche words, is the force gravitational attraction was of such intensity to win the speed at which you move away the bodies, l’universe would begin to contract again, gradually reducing its size: happen what physicists call the Big Crunch (great contraction). Practically, at the end of this cycle, whole matter dell’universe It would condense until you can be enclosed in a small nutshell ".
Marco: "really?! we think? all of us, le nostre case, the sun and stars in a small walnut. and then?".
Nabla: "Another Big Bang and then another Big Crunch, and so on without fine".

Something distracts our attention, pass two girls and asked me:
"what do you think about it?".
"very nice".
We look, It makes me a nod and go to them…

Without beginning…and endless last edit: Thursday,11 January 21:41, 2007 the nabladue

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