Like the blacksmith forge an arrow
so the wise transforms the mind
by itself restless, unstable
and difficult to govern.

All that we are is generated by mind.
And the mind Mapping the road.
As our shadow incessant follows us so we follow the well-being when we speak or act with purity.
aphorisms of Buddha.
The wise It builds on the knowledge that has grown as the most precious of possessions.
thoughts of Buddha.
There is fear of a heart untouched by the passions and a mind free from bitterness.
Those who see beyond the fine and male It is awake.
phrases of Buddha.
Remember that the body is fleeting as the foam of the sea, a mirage.
The passion flower sensual hides a claw.
Remember, and passes over the death.
thoughts of Buddha.
Hate can not defeat hatred, just be ready to 'love it may.
This is the eternal law.
aphorisms of Budda.
Awareness receptive to open life, escape into distraction is a path death
those who are aware it is totally alive, who is distracted as it was already dead.
phrases Buddha.
Disappointing as a flower beautiful but fragrance is words wise without right action.
phrases Buddha.
Who is quarrelsome forget that all die; there are arguments for wise reflecting on death.
thoughts Buddha.
Do not dwell on the mistakes and faults of others; tries to examine clearly your.
aphorisms Buddha.
With the commitment, attention, renunciation and self-control, the wise He makes of himself an island which no flood can submerge.
phrases of Budda.
Be dissatisfied and unfulfilled and yet still only flowers random search of the pleasures of the senses submit to the domain of the destroyer
phrases Buddha.
As a stormy wind uproots a tree fragile so careless who clings to pleasure indulges in food and laziness can eradicate Mara [the evil one].
aphorisms Buddha.
Wear the dress of quitting it does not conduct itself in purity.
Those who wear it and yet lack of accuracy are lazy.
phrases Buddha.
The resigning that but watch and guard against distraction
It is protected, does not recede: It goes straight to liberation.
thoughts of Budda.
Free vagrant
about mind dwells in the intimate cave
from the heart.
Dominating you are free
from the chains of ignorance.
thoughts Buddha.
As a bee gathering nectar does not harm or damage the color and scent of the flower
so the wise moves in world.
aphorisms Buddha.
As the rain passes through a roof male stuffed as the stormy passions insinuate themselves into a heart untrained.
thoughts of Buddha.
When clearly we see our lack of virtue the regret we are gripped; both now and in the future we grieve.
phrases of Budda.
It is difficult to educate the mind active and capricious wandering: master it is essential because it brings joy and well-being.
phrases Buddha.
Awareness among the distracted
awake among those who sleep
the essay proceeds as a lively young horse
leaving behind the other, exhausted.
aphorisms Budda.
Who makes the male creates his own suffering in this and in the future.
The nagging thought of their wrong slave keeps the mind and falls into chaos.
thoughts of Buddha.
In those who have the mind unstable
the heart is not working
the true teachings
it's a faith immature
It is not yet grown
fully wisdom.
aphorisms of Buddha.
In this and in the future those who live with their honesty life He is happy anyway.
Spontaneously appreciates virtue and it is of home in joy.
phrases Buddha.
Who is learned in the Dhamma but does not live in accordance with it, as a herdsman who crave the beasts of others does not taste the benefits of walking the Way.
aphorisms of Buddha.
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