Festa di Natale

It is Christmas every time you smile at a brother and hold out your hand.
It is Christmas every time you stay in silence to listen to the other.
It is Christmas every time you do not accept those principles that relegate the oppressed margins of society.
It is Christmas every time you hope to those who despair in the physical and spiritual poverty.
It is Christmas every time you recognize with umiltà your limits and your weaknesses.
It is Christmas every time you allow the Lord to be born again to give it to others.
Mother Teresa Of Calcutta

Brothers and sons that we listen! It is for all of you our best wishes for a Merry Christmas! It wants to enter, first of all, in your hearts, and he wants to go that sense of joy, peace, serenity, of trust, emanating precisely from this holy feast, and which it constitutes one of the most consoling experiences of life.
Pope Paul VI – Phrases on Christmas.
I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it with me all year.
Charles Dickens – Thoughts on Christmas.
The real message of Christmas is that all of us we are never alone.
Taylor Caldwell – Phrases on Christmas.
That slight your candor, title,
He descends happy in my heart.
In the holy night the heart rejoices
d’amor, Christmas is still.
It comes down from heaven slow,
a sweet song ammaliator
that tells you “Hopefully you too.”
It Is Christmas, do not suffer anymore.
Oh…oh oh oh oh
It comes down from heaven slow,
a sweet song ammaliator
that tells you “Hopefully you too.”
It Is Christmas, do not suffer anymore.
White christmas – Phrases on Christmas.
If we shake hands | miracles will | and Christmas Day | It will last all year!
Gianni Rodari – Thoughts on Christmas.
Christmas moves a wand on world and here, everything is softer and more beautiful!
Norman Vincent Peale – Phrases on Christmas.
Remember if you can not find the Christmas in your heart, surely you can not find it under a tree
Charlotte Carpenter – Thoughts on Christmas.
"Christmas will not be Christmas without gifts», muttered Jo, lying on the carpet.
"What a terrible thing to be poor!", He sighed Meg, glancing at her old dress.
"It's not right, in my opinion, that some girls have a lot of belle and other things anything", added little Amy, sniffling air offensive.
"We have mum and dad, and we ourselves ", disse Beth, in the tone of one who is content, from his corner.
The four young faces, illuminated by the blaze of the fireplace, s'accesero alle console words, but they returned to dim when Jo said sadly: "Dad we have not and we will not for a long time". Non disse “perhaps never”, but each, in his heart, I think it, walk with mind his father away on the battlefields ".
Louisa May Alcott – Phrases on Christmas.
Child Jesus dry the tears of children !
Caressing the sick and the elderly !
She drives men to lay down arms
and to huddle in a universal embrace of Peace
John Paul II – Phrases on Christmas.
Christmas, children, It is not a date. It is a state of mind”.
Mary Ellen Chase – Aphorisms on Christmas.
On Christmas Eve, Mother who was to give birth not find itself a roof. He found conditions, which normally it takes place that great mystery of the divine and human together give birth to a uomo.
Pope John Paul II – Thoughts on Christmas.
If you were a philosopher, I should write a philosophy toys, to show that in the life You must not take anything seriously, and that Christmas Day in the company of children is one of the few occasions on which men become entirely alive!
Robert Lynd – Phrases on Christmas.
At Christmas no matter what you find under 'tree, but those who are around.
Stephen Littleword – Phrases on Christmas.
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