Festa di Natale

Christmas. I look at the crib carved
where are the pastors just arrived
the poor stable at Bethlehem.

Even the Wise Men in long robes
greet the powerful King of world.

Peace in fiction silence
the wooden figures and here is the old
the village and the stall shines
and the donkey light blue.
Christmas – Salvatore Quasimodo – Poems on Christmas

I did not want to dive
in a skein of streets
I'm so tired
on the shoulders
Let me so
as a matter of resting
in the corner
and forgotten
Here you get nothing
the heat good
I'm with the four somersaults
Smoke of the fire
Christmas – Giuseppe Ungaretti – Poems on Christmas.
The flock rested tired panting
under the stars in the night.
Sleeping shepherds. The time going.
Qund'ecco a great light floods the sky.
it is midnight. And here's a sweet song
It sounds on the air, in joyous harmony.

Awaken the pastors, next to the flock,
and listen: “Glory be to It Gave in heaven
e pace in terra all’uomo!”. O sweet enchantment!
Born a child all light and love.
In a stable, wrapped in a few veils,
Poor was born and also is king of the skies.

It tells all: “Were heart to heart,
as brothers! Never hate!
L’soul forgiving is like a flower.
Chi crede in me non perirà mai”.
Is born Jesus – Ettore Bogno – Christmas poems

Child Jesus, wipes every tear
Dries, Child Jesus, the tears of children!
Caressing the sick and the elderly!
Push men
to lay down arms
and to huddle in a universal embrace of peace!
Calls on people,
merciful Jesus,
to break down the walls
created by poverty
and unemployment,
and indifference,
by discrimination and intolerance.

it is you,
Divine Child of Bethlehem,
save us,
freeing us from sin.
Are you the one and only Savior,
that humanity often tries to grope.
It Gave Peace,
gift of peace
for all humanity, vieni a live
in the heart of each uomo and each family.
Be thou our peace
and our joy!
Child Jesus, wipes every tear – John Paul II – Christmas poems

The lamb bleated softly.
The donkey, tender, and allietava
on a hot call.

The cane latrava
as if speaking to the stars.
I woke up ... I went out. I saw footprints
heavenly on the ground
as a upturned sky.

A breath warm and sweet
veiling the leafy:
the declining moon andava
in the same sunset gold and silk
He opened the barn for see if he
era is ...

C’era – Juan Ramon Jmenez – Poems about Christmas

A vermilion light
It shines in the pious
night and spreads via
for miles and miles.

The new wonder!
O flower of Mary!
Spends her tune
e la terra s’ingiglia.

They sing in the whistle
del vento per le Line,
the blond angels in chorus;
and here Baldassarre
Gaspar and Melchior,
with myrrh, incense and gold.
Re Magi – Gabriele D'Annunzio – Christmas poems

It is Christmas every time
She smiles at a brother
and hold out your hand.
It is Christmas every time
you stay in silence
to listen to the other.
It is Christmas every time
You do not accept those principles
that relegate the oppressed
the margins of society.
It is Christmas every time
hope to those who despair
in the physical and spiritual poverty.
It is Christmas every time
you recognize with umiltà
your limits and your weaknesses.
It is Christmas every time
that allow the Lord
reborn to give it to others.

It Is Christmas – Mother Teresa – Poems about Christmas

Nursery Rhyme Christmas,
snow is white as salt,
the snow is cold, the night is black
but for children it is spring:
only for them, at the foot of the bed
It flourished a mast.

That strange flowers, that fruits good
Today on 'tree gifts:
dolls gold, trains tin,
furred bears as cotton wool,
and in above, right on the top branch,
a horse that stands out the jump.

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