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You can not bury your truth in a tomb: This is the meaning of Easter.
Clarence W. Hall

Easter is the symbol of Renewal, of Joy and Rebirth on this day all a bit 'special, I wish to turn your dreams in a splendid reality, to smile at the days to come with the joy in my heart that only the authentic and genuine know give you.
Happy Easter of serenity and joy!
Stephen Littleword – Phrases on Easter.
During the period of Lent we abstain from eating meat. Not forget to abstain from falsehood, injustice, envy, hypocrisy, vendetta, indifference.
Don Dino Pirri – Aphorisms on Easter.
The period that precedes Easter is the period in which the life He moves back toward its fullness and, this his force today so little understood, also pushes us to renew, to embrace a new vision of the passage uncertain life.
Susanna Tamaro – Phrases on Easter.
Humanity which sometimes seems bewildered and overwhelmed by power of male, selfishness and fear, the risen Lord offers the gift of His Love who forgives, reconciles and opens the soul to hope
John Paul II – Aphorisms on Easter.
O grave, you do not hold it any longer;
The death is strong, the ma life è più forte;
Stronger than the dark, is the light;
Stronger than male, and the justice...
Phillips Brooks – Phrases on Easter.
When the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene, Mary James, and Salome bought aromatic oils to go and anoint Jesus. 2 Early in the morning, the first day after the Sabbath, They came unto the sepulcher at the rising of the sun. 3 They said among themselves: "Who will roll away the stone from the tomb?". 4 But, looking, they saw that the stone was rolled away, it was very large. 5 On entering the tomb, they saw a young man, sitting on the right, dressed in a white robe, and they were afraid. 6 But he said,: "do not be afraid! You are looking for Jesus Nazarene, the crucifix. He Is Risen, he is not here.
Gospel Marco's – Phrases on Easter.
Our Lord has written the promise of the Resurrection, not only in books, but in every leaf spring.
Luther – Phrases on Easter.
Easter is the voice of the Hebrew word 'Passover', switch. It is not party to residents, but for migratory hurrying to journey. Unbeliever I see people of faith so, not implanted in a center of their certainty but constantly moving on the slopes.
Erri De Luca – Thoughts on Easter.
The empty tomb tells us that death It was won. And back Easter, to tell us the joy of a future open It Gave
Don Marco Gasperini – Aphorisms on Easter.
I remind you that it is Easter morning,
and the life e l’love and peace are just born.
Alice Freeman Palmer – Phrases on Easter.
The Resurrection began when what was more horrible becomes a source of grace.
Jean Vanier – Phrases on Easter.
Easter spells out the beauty, rare beauty of a new life.
S.D. Gordon – Phrases on Easter.
On Easter Day the veil between the time and eternity thins almost imperceptibly.
Douglas Horton – Thoughts on Easter.
Whenever Easter, impact against the double news of the Holy Scriptures, the exit of Egypt and the scaffold romano of croce planted over Jerusalem. Two shots into the unknown. The first is a dip in the desert for another land grab and a new freedom. The second is the somersault over the body and life killed, towards more integral resurrection. Easter / Passover is prescribed fray, only safe gambling because entrusted to perfect faith to reach. Stumbling and rest stop, Sinai and Golgotha ​​are not scalable to someone like me, that even in life His has risen and famous peaks and large halls. the high places remain inaccessible of faith.
Erri De Luca – Phrases on Easter.
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