IS Risen Jesus!
You can find it now
in each uomo:
in those who suffer and struggle
for freedom,
in sufferers to fight
to defend peace

who shakes your hand,
for those seeking
l’love some men.

Hardy Tentle – Poetry on Easter

Canto di Resurrezione

Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!

Mary weeps at the grave,
I followed, I loved him very
He healed me, mi ha dato la life,
I killed him and he's gone.

Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!

The tomb is empty, there is no longer his body
a voice, calls her by name,
and with his face marked by tears,
si volge back e corre da lui.

Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!

Perché tu cerchi chi è vivo tra i dead?
Get up and run, I am no longer here!
You who are the last in the eyes of others,
you go first and cries: “È Risen!ʱ??

Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!, Hallelujah! ...
– Poesie sulla Easter

Sembra che insieme a It Gave resuscitato
We come back in peace one day disappeared
sad to go in the path used.

E torna ancora la hope a life
d’be always good, always good
a home, negli uffici e nella life.

See flowers in the fields, see roses
rendere belle tutte le altre cose;
You hear the chirping of birds feast
the nightingale, in canto, They have to head.

Therefore, with the hope di ben fare,
I greet you and I thank you all
e Buona Easter Vi voglio augurare

Before, but , V'abbraccio strongly
together with your friends and all people
ricordandovi sempre nella mia mind.

Silvio Dionigi – Poesie sulla Easter


A festoons the gray parietaria
as a frail little girl looks out
ai muri della home centenaria.

Heaven is all a threat of rain
forest sad, because the intrica bramble
ruthlessly, with tenacious arms.

Suddenly the serene and new chicken coops
the recall of Easter fills the earth
with the ancient pious fable dell'ovo.

Guido Gozzano – Poems about Easter

Easter egg

Easter egg
It came out a chick
Chalk Orange
its beak blue.
has said: "I'm going,
mi metto in journey
and port to all
a great message ".
And circling
in qua e di là
countries and cities
He wrote on the walls,
in the sky and on the ground:
“Viva la pace,
abbasso la warʱ??.

Gianni Rodari – Poesiz on Easter


Inside an egg of good chocolate
I'd love there was something,
not a Smurf, a ring,a soldier,
but a time of joyous celebration.
I want to tell you precisely why
I prayed for you last night
because today is a happy day.
Una Pasqua di hope be.
R. Fontana – Poems about Easter

From the tomb

Dal sepolcro la life è deflagrata.
The death ha perduto il duro agone.
Begins a new era: l’uomo riconciliato nella nuova
alliance sanctioned by your blood
He has before him the way.
Difficile tenersi in quel path.
The door of your kingdom is narrow.
now yes, or Redeemer, we need your help,
Now yes we invoke your help,
you, guidance and supervision, do not deny it.
L’offesa del world è stata immane.
Infinitamente più grande è stato il tuo love.
Noi con love ti chiediamo love.
Mario Luzi – Poems about Easter

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