Frasi di Madre Teresa

Mother Teresa thoughts

"I do not think I have special qualities, I do not claim anything for job I am doing.
It operates its. I'm like a little pencil in His hands, He thinks that nient'altro.È. It is he who writes. The pencil has not anything to do with all this.
The pencil should only be able to be used ".

It is not enough to say: "I love It Gave".
I have to love my neighbor.
St. John says that in the Scriptures
liar is he who says he loves It Gave
but not but his next.
How can you love It Gave, which is not
sees, if you do not but your neighbor
you see, you touch, with whom
if you live? E usa una word very big,
"Liar". It is one of those words
frightening when we read,
yet it is the truth.
Aphorisms of Mother Teresa of Calcutta .

It is easy to love people away,
very easy to think of the people
starving in India.
But first you have to see se regna
l’love in home Your in that
your neighbor and the street
where you live, in the city where you live,
and only then look out…
Phrases Mother Teresa .

The riches can choke
If not used in the right way,
whether it is riches materials
or spiritual.
Phrases Mother Teresa .

Students: I pray that all
young graduates do not lead
with him only a piece of paper but
bring with them love, peace and joy.
In order to become the light of 'love
of It Gave for our people, about hope
of happiness and the eternal flame
dell’love wherever they go. So that
become messengers of 'love of It Gave.
May they give what they have received
not to hold with himself, but
to share with others.
Aphorisms Mother Teresa .

We must nurture compassion
deep for the other. Per power have
a heart full of compassion
we must pray, and especially be
kind to the poor.
We plan to do much for the poor,
but it is they who make us rich.
We are indebted to them.
You want to do something beautiful per It Gave?
There's someone who needs you.
This is your chance.
Phrases Mother Teresa .

Try to instill in the hearts
your children 'slove for home.
Make them wish
ardently be with his family.
Many sins could
avoided if our people loved
really its home.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta .

Do not neglect your family.
State in home. If today there are so
young misfits is why grandparents are
In some institute, but mother is so
It occupied which is never home
when the kids get home from school.
There is no one to receive them, nobody
playing with them and so they return
on the road, where there are drugs, alcohol
and many other things.
It's the same everywhere. It all depends
how we love one another.
Phrases Mother Teresa .

Among the collaborators have small
"Groups of listeners' who travel
in the homes of older people,
They sit with them and make them talk.
The old love to have someone
to listen to them and let them talk,
even if they have to tell stories
thirty years ago.
Listen when no one else wants
doing so is a beautiful thing.
Aphorisms Mother Teresa .

It's easy to smile at people
they are outside their home.
It is so easy to take care of
People who do not know fine.
It is hard be considerate and kind
and smile and be filled love
at home with their family day
after day,especially when
we are tired and grouchy. all of us
we have moments like these,
and it is then that Christ It is
we dress of suffering.
Aphorisms of Mother Teresa of Calcutta .

the true love He must always make male.
Should be painful amare someone,
painful leave someone.
You may have to die for him.
When you get married you renounce all
What to love one another.
Mother give life
in its son She suffers a lot.
Only then but sincerely.
The word love It is so poorly
interpreted and abused.
Aphorisms Mother Teresa .

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