the father [From Exem] It owns many of my letters that I wrote to him about work when I was a Sister of Loreto. Now that the project Jesus has entrusted to us it is in the Constitutions, those letters are not necessary. please, I could get them back…since these were the true expression of my soul in those
days. I would burn all documents that reveal something about me. please, Excellence, I ask her, I beg you to fulfill this my desire: I want the secret of It Gave me revealed remains our. The world He does not know and does not want to keep doing know. Lei ha molte lettere riguardanti la congregazione. I never said, even in confession, as the congregation began: solo lei e padre [From Exem] you know, that is enough. I have been your small tool. Now his will known through the Constitutions; all those letters are unnecessary.
Letters Mother Teresa.
Caro padre in Jesus,
the feasts of Christmas They are coming: when you receive this letter, all we'll be enjoying the joy of the Child Jesus. That is why I send you my best wishes. That It Gave the grant to do so much for Him and for souls. Make the same thing for his missionary. I certainly know that perpetual vows. Ho pensato anche a lei quel giorno; se solo lei sapesse quanto ero felice [so much] that, of my own free will, I could inflame my own sacrifice. Now [I'm] Your, and this for all eternity! Lei non potrà immaginare la Gonxha di un time, Now as the bride of Jesus. But he has always been so infinitely good against me, as if trying to secure possession of my heart. Once again thank you sincerely for everything he has done for me.
Writings Mother Teresa.
"You always said: Do with me what you want. now I want act, let me do, My little bride, my baby. Do not be afraid. I will always be with you. I will suffer and even now are suffering, but if you are My
little bride., the bride of Jesus crucifix, you will have to endure these torments in your heart. Leave Me act. Non rifiutarMi. Trust Me with love, blindly Me. "
Letters Mother Teresa.
"My Baby, Come, Come take me in “holes” the poor. Come, Be My light. I can not go alone: they do not know me and therefore I want. Come, go in their midst, take them with you in them. How I wish to join their “holes”, in their dark houses and unhappy. Come, be their victim! In your immolation, in your love per Me, You will see them, I know, I want. Offer more sacrifices. They smile more tenderly, pray more fervently and all the difficulties disappear.
"you are afraid, what hurts me your fear. Do not be afraid: sonoIo I ask you to do this for Me. Do not be afraid: even if the world whole is against you, ride di te, if the sisters and your top look at you with reproach, fear not: I am in you, with you, for you.
"You will suffer the will suffer very much, but remember that I am with you. Even if the world whole kept thee, remember you are Mia and I am only your. Do not be afraid. It's Me. Only obey, Obey with much joy and promptly and without Applications. Only obey. Never let you down, is obbedisci "
Writings Mother Teresa.
ask Jesus not afford to refuse anything, however small. Rather, rather die.
Letters Mother Teresa.
I leave my dear home
and my beloved homeland
I go to the torrid Bengal,
towards a distant shore.
I leave my old friends,
abandonment of the family and the hearth:
my heart pushes me
to serve my Christ.
Beloved mother, goodbye,
It Gave be with you all!
A Power Highest pushes me
towards the torrid India.
Slowly the ship sets sail,
splitting le where dell'oceano,
as my eyes fix one last time
the dear shores of Europe…
Bravely, standing on the bridge,
joyful, in pace,
It is small, radiant
betrothed to Christ.
In his hand a croce of iron
on which hung the Savior,
while’soul It offers promptly
He suffered his sacrifice.
«Oh It Gave, accept this sacrifice
as a pledge of my love,
help, please, Your creature
to glorify Your name!
In exchange, I ask only to You,
or Our Father, so Good:
let me save at least one’soul,
You know that already.
Small, keep warm and tears, as well as dew summer,
start flowing,
sealing and sanctifying now
his painful sacrifice.
Writings of Mother Teresa.
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