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Mother Teresa told by Mother Teresa. In these pages are collected the letters and writings of the most intimate Mother Teresa Calcutta. What better way to learn about the’soul of Santa di Calcutta?
Mother Teresa He was in many ways a complex character, though appeared very simple outside. His letters and his strong personality and tormented at the same time make it even bigger his work, or to put it with her words, the work that It Gave He has accomplished using a small pencil.

Background – The life of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, nee Anjëzë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was born in Skopje on 26 August 1910 Mother Teresa was an Albanian nun, of faith Catholic, founder of the religious congregation of the Missionaries of Charity.
his job tirelessly among the victims of poverty of Calcutta made her one of the most known to world. He received the Nobel Prize for Peace 1979, and the 19 October 2003 She was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

Mother Teresa came to India in January 1929. After a brief stop in Calcutta, It was sent in Darjeeling, at the foot of the Himalayas, to complete its preparation. Here he studied English and Bengali and taught at the convent school for two years. On this occasion, he began to get in touch contact with the reality of the sick and also played the activities of an assistant nurse. The 24 May 1931, He took temporary vows, taking the name of Maria Teresa, inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux.

After taking vows, Teresa reached Calcutta, where for the next 17 years lived and worked at the Catholic College of Saint Mary's High School in the suburb of Entally. Here he lectured for the daughters of the British colonists. Taught history e geografia. Her curiosity led her to study Hindi. It was thanks to the voluntary work done by some of his pupils was able to take more and more awareness of the terrible conditions life in the suburbs of Calcutta, and in particular in that of Motijhil, bordering the school.

In 1937 I pronunziò perpetual vow. It became so Mother Teresa, name kept for the rest of life.

Back in Calcutta, gradually he took on different organizational responsibilities, until be appointed, in 1944, schoolmistress. The years of war They had a profound effect on the activities of the nuns, who devoted more and more welcoming of orphans and abandoned children. The same convent was requisitioned and Entally, until the 1945, It turned into a British military hospital.

At this point he showed a real call within a call Mother Teresa

“It was a call within my vocation, a second call. It was a calling to leave even Loreto, where I was very happy, and go into the streets to serve the poorest of the poor.
It was on that train I heard the call to give up everything and follow Him in the slums, to serve Him in the poorest of the poor…
I knew that it was His will, and that I had to follow Him. There was no doubt that this would be his work.
Mother Teresa”

In 1950, Mother Teresa founded the Congregation of the Missionaries of charity, whose mission was to take care of “poorest of the poor” is “of all those people who feel unwanted, do not like, uncared for throughout society, all those people who have become a burden to society and who have fled from all”.

In 1979 he received the Nobel Prize for Peace “for the job made in the struggle to overcome poverty and misery, which also constitute a threat to peace”.

Mother Teresa died in Calcutta on 5 September 1997. She left leaving a legacy these words “If the work is only human, die with me; if it will be all your, will live for centuries to come.”

"If there is greatness in simplicity. It is not intellectual and the things he says are elementary,
but they have a bottom of truth as parables and remain impressed. In 1994 a book he wanted to attack it in the name of reason, yet just go to “home the dying” a Calcutta e il “miracle” It is before the eyes ".
Tiziano Terzani – I think Mother Teresa.
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