The Sufismo it is a mysticism, of special type. Esso non si rivolge a chi vive fuori dal world bensì a chi, while disdegnandone flattery, rimane nel world. So it makes a service to humanity, to prevent them lost the sense of the Divine […]

Il Sufismo, in fondo, not a doctrine, né una religion, ne una philosophy. Piuttosto è un modo di be, a mental training incisive and alien to dogmatism […] Sufism has developed a wide repertoire of didactic stories that lack a particular recipient and serve instead to humanity, in its totality […]

La lettura di questi racconti stimola la mind a un diverso funzionamento, impedendole di fall nei luoghi comuni e negli schematismi abituali.[…]
It is not about learning new knowledge, As to perceive the existence with other modes.

Leonardo Vittorio Arena on Sufism

The destination some men – Sufismo

The lives of two great prophets can learn a great deal about the fate of human beings.
The Bible attesta che Giobbe era un uomo patient. He, indeed, suffered serious misfortunes. But one day, suddenly, He sighed deeply.
Even he lost patience! on the other hand, proprio in quell’istante It Gave ne benedisse il nome e accolse il profeta nella sua confraternita beata.
Zechariah was in a different situation. Quando ormai credeva di be scampato al pericolo, fu segato a metà dentro a un tronco dtree e l’Eterno gli vietò categoricamente di lamentarsi! Otherwise, the virtue profetiche gli sarebbero state tolte. So the first was saved by her moans, the other to have held them.

Commento sulla history sufi

Ognuno di noi ha un progetto di life da realizzare: lo scopo della life he can not be uguale per tutti!

The cane e la ViaSufismo

Un derviscio disse: “a day, finally, I decided to walk together on the path.
However, I did not know how to proceed. it's strange: fu un cane a suggerirmelo! He had stopped in front of a puddle and his character was reflected in the water. Immediately I realized that he was afraid and did not stop to contemplate his image.
actually, credeva che un altro cane lo stesse minacciando. That's why he did not move, per paura di be attaccato!
but then, finally, He won the hesitation and jumped into the pool. It was then that, as if by magic, the other cane svanì, leaving him master of the field.
Can you now understand me, se vi dico che fu un cane a indicarmi la Via?”.

Commento sulla history sufi

The world riflette la nostra immagine e non ce ne rendiamo conto. When we dive into the pool and we realize that
The image was created by ourselves, it disappears.

The sword in the water – Sufismo

A uomo, crossing the river swimming, He lost his sword. Allora lasciò fall tra i flutti un pezzo di legno, to mark the spot where she had fallen. It started away. Moments later, however,, per love della spada, decise di return back. But he was unable to find it, because in the meantime he had been dragged elsewhere.

Commento sulla history sufi

The conditions change. The world è in continuo movimento. Non tenere a mind questo porta a smarrire il senso della realtà.

Restore sight to the blind – Sufismo

The daughter of a merchant was extremely bad. Nobody wanted to wife, despite the large dowry.
But, a day, father proposed it to a blind man. L’ uomo accettò. Because of its condition, he could not find out the ugliness of his wife.
Qualche time after, arrived in the country a very famous doctor.
He was said to have restored sight to the blind, thanks to a miraculous method.
“Why not urge your son to be examined?” – domandarono gli friends al mercante.
“You are crazy?”, he replied, adirato. “Do you mean you notice that he married a monster?
“Believe me, is much better than my son in law remains as it is!”.

Commento sulla history sufi

Many prefer that people remain blind because they can better hide their shenanigans and their misdeeds.
The company, however, pay the weight of all this blindness.

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