Now that the media storm has run its course we can analyze rationally the problem of ' euthanasia. There will refer to particular cases respect for the families of the victims. This decision is not motivated by indifference, but from respect. We should not talk about single people, but a general problem. Secondly, for compliance with all the people who die in loneliness and indifference of journalists and politicians, only for some deaths, are capable of dichiarasi suffering and saddened to lavish in attitudes noisy and tiresome. Without generalizing, Some ways of doing journalism and political harm society.

first of all, from the pragmatic point of view,I ask the Italian politicians: why people die from the disease? Maybe because we did not care?
so, where are the Italian politicians when you have to do search?
Why not fund the search? How come search Italian is the collapse? Where are the Italians when journalists need to talk about this serious lack?

We start talking about euthanasia. There is one thing worse death: suffering. Nobody should force us to stay years on a bed to vegetate. Nobody should force our relatives and our friends, to attend this mortification of life.
I remember an event staff, that anything has to see with the suffering that medicine without ethics It has brought to other people, but which, anyway, you hit me. My grandmother had 82 years, and he was in reasonably good health. at a certain point, is seriously ill with pancreatitis. The hospital hospitalized. However,after a week of troubles and an operation, Doctors tell us that there is no more anything to do. Then, a choice logic would be to suspend the treatment and to avoid that a person of more than eighty years, which has no expectations of life, suffer unnecessarily. Instead,I was forced to watch, from behind a glass, my grandmother lying in a hospital room, attached to a thousand pipes and tubes for months: of its extreme vitality and readiness spirit He remained only an arm that moved barely, when we spoke to a kind of intercom. Lei, obviously, He could not answer,his mouth was packed with other tubes. His mouth was so livid tirade and that seemed to tear at any moment. His body was fright: was a single giant hematoma and the skin was beginning to crumble under the weight of hours spent motionless on a bed, in a clean room and without affection, without human warmth, without any shred of love. In short, as well as in the life, we would like to stay close to our loved ones even in the last step of existence.
I asked a boy - and I wonder today - that the point of all this? Loving life Also does not mean accepting the death? It is better to have a death serena, in the home, the arms of children, grandchildren or parents? Why prolong unnecessary suffering?
Who can arrogate the right to know What right do, to choose for us?
We should not even talk about euthanasia, but to guarantee law and respect for patients also close to death.

They talk so much about nature, but they do not realize that nature has nothing to do for anything. Since l 'uomo He has decided to exit from the natural state, and nature would have led patients in a vegetative state to die naturally, and in a short time. It is not l 'uomo who makes the choice to kill them by suspending the cure, but it is the 'uomo who chooses to unnecessarily torturing a be human who has not hopes, or, in other cases, who freely chose to end his suffering.

Talk about It Gave, is, They are not aware of their presumption thoughts who would rise to divine heights: arrogate to themselves the right to say with certainty that the choice unshaken It Gave The would do if you were presented this problem. Themselves Christians and do not believe. They do not believe that the Father will receive them between his arms: They are more skeptical of the skeptics. They are more afraid of those who does not believe in life ultraterrena: They not just stick to the life earthly, but also they stick to a life it's not even a dull image of the latter. In Bible we read: “Precious in the sight of the Lord is death of his righteous”.

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