Non spaventatevi! La formula di Gauss è qui solo per beauty. We are in 1785 in a class of third-graders. A maestro non ha voglia di fare lezione. Assegna ai ragazzi un compito che spera li terrà impegnati per molto time. Add up all the numbers 1 a 100. After only 10 minutes a student believes he has found the solution. The maestro pensando di be stato preso in giro, He was ready to beat up the student (practice often used then).
The student says: “The result is 5050”
The maestro ribatte: "5050? but it's just ... How did?
The 'pupil answers: "Easy!

  • 100 more 1 is equal to 101;
  • 99 more 2 is equal to 101;
  • and so on up to 50 more than 51.”

So the result is calculated from 100 + 1 multiplied 100, divided 2. Generalizing is outside the scary thing up there.
Carl Gauss

Portrait of Carl Gauss

Rear view solution is surprisingly simple, but no one until now he had arrived. Carl Gauss not content to perform the task, went over: He stopped to think, He tried a different way from those hitherto covered. Our school system and, even worse than university, non lasciano spazio e time a thoughts autonomi. These institutions help to create automata with many notions soon forget. The education system today tends to stifle creativity and genius in favor of rote learning and not intense study aimed at developing creativity, but only learning. Today study is often part of an obligatory route and taken for granted. When the choice is not born of passion, secondo me il risultato non può che be mediocre. They study things very complicated and very often unnecessary, while an Italian engineer is lucky if he can use the square root in the workplace. Many smart people have trouble with the University that, sometimes, It tends to reward memory and reproduction rather than intuition and innovation capacity. I voti non servono a anything, should be le idee a contare. There should be no passive students passively at the mercy of academics who very often do not have passion for teaching, but students active since the early years of university; the most innovative ideas are born in 24-25 years, in Italia si inizia a fare search a più di trent’anni. Students can not present arguments but must develop those professors assign them and meritocracy is not the yardstick most used. We are very far from the creativity of Carl Gauss. the same Einstein ha avuto difficoltà con l’Università, its first proposals for the doctoral thesis did not like the teachers and had to carry on his studies working. Probably, because away from the cages academic, He could achieve autonomy and independence in his thinking. Ora dato che tra Einstein e uno stupido esistono infinite vie di mezzo, quante persone di talento e quanto time, the university system continues to waste?

Compito supremo dello scienziato è di pervenire a quelle leggi elementari universali partendo dalle quali il cosmo può be costruito con la pura deduzione. It leads him insight, and his daily effort comes from the heart”. (Albert Einstein).
Non avete idea di quanta poetry ci sia in una tavola dei logaritmi.
Carl Gauss.

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