There are no facts, only interpretations — Nietzsche .

Be aims to 100% It is not possible, everything is filtered through our mind, perception and judgment. Each be human watching world with glasses of different colors and shades.

Everybody sees reality through the filter of their colored lenses: mind, culture, education, status sociale, lived, environment are materials that make our lenses.

The truth however, it is that even in this there are shades. It is not a matter for which we are all dichotomous “not targets” in the same way.

There is a category of people whose glasses are so dark you do not see but their mental reality.

Their mind enters so arrogant in the evaluation of the facts that, of “facts themselves”, little remains.

Do you recognize these people by one or more of the following behaviors:

They always talk of a general nature and rarely refer to concrete facts and specific;

Often they feel better than others and closer to truth; or alternating periods with feelings of superiority in periods with strong feelings of inferiority;

Typically they are idealists or conspiracy or have a theory that can explain anything;

When they see a film they always find a key to understanding the functional “projection” they have created for themselves;
When they are reading a book do the same thing;

He likes to surround himself with people, facts, items, ideas that strengthen their vision and try to avoid anything that might jeopardize the sure thing;

They are at ease in speeches impersonal. In the dialogues do not ever put into play in the first person and in the deep;

Tend to fixate on their ideas and to have a “mantra” to be repeated obsessively;

Project their anxieties in everything that surrounds them;

They are very focused on themselves;

They are empathetic little emotionally with others;

They have little practical sense and do not consider important the experimental verification of their claims.

in conclusion, objectivity is an absolute’ utopia, ma i “detached from reality” would create a world dystopian where every mental reality is not commensurable with the other.

I detached from reality last edit: Wednesday,15 July 09:23, 2015 the nabladue

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