It may seem obvious, but it is not. Periods of crisis they sprout and thrive ideas and ideologies that deserve to be deleted forever, like that of racism. Unfortunately they feel increasingly racist discourse in our country. From job to the gym, from the bar to the university: no environment is safe from these unhealthy debates. The most zealous there's even propagate the echoes of the ideologies of the nineteenth century that tended to attribute the cultural superiority, ethics and intellectual to a race or a people. Obviously, for the law of retaliation, the top people is always the one who believes in racism!

I find that the proponents of racial topics They are even very varied between them: age, sex, money, level of education do not matter. The idea racist They can get to lick all strata of society.
I would like to say only a few words that, for many people will be discounted, Unfortunately for so many others have not.

In all nations there: thieves, killers, Impostors, corrupt.
In all nations there: geni, Benefactors, artists, model workers.

Every culture has its lights and shadows. there may be more or less rich cultures of history, However, one should not dismiss the feeling other carriers ostentatious superiority that does not exist. Often what it is not understood is considered judging fool with superficiality, haste and arrogance.

Only a person with blinders can divide world in good is bad depending on skin color or place of birth. observe the world Eye injury makes Czechs. I am not so naive as to think that we can fully release from their prejudices, They are also a form of defense, but I think there is a limit, the limit of common sense, intelligence and measurement.

Many think that the problems of a country are resolved hunting immigrants. Some politicians obviously do not allow themselves to miss the chance to use this motto as a political slogan. also I repeat in this case that I am not so naive as to think that we can open all borders to all. But one thing is to regularize the flow of immigrants, one thing is to find an excuse to vent their frustrations and dissatisfactions.

The problem of 'clandestine immigration and there certainly should not be underestimated. But I hope that we work to resolve this long-standing issue with rationality, commitment and, above all, with a feeling of respect for the 'be human. The attitude to be avoided is to do with "diversity" a simple political slogan tended to fuel the sense of anger and frustration of the people.

Every culture has its beauty, we do not become prey to "talk to bar": cultural diversity is a wealth and not an excuse to vent their dissatisfaction.

Per insights:

The human races do not existrecent scientific research has also demonstrated the absurdity of racism and ideologies of race that have developed early in this century.

Racism is an ugly history last edit: Monday,en,17 November 12:22, 2014 the nabladue

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