Here are some ways of understanding wealth. Aphorisms is phrases scelte sulla ricchezza.

Epicurus – La happiness

49.Who wants live free may not acquire riches, because this is not easy without becoming slaves of the crowds and powerful, while he has it all with a constant abundance; and although, for fate, he was in possession of great wealth, It could easily distribute them to be acquired goodwill of others.
50. Not just for those who do not just what it is enough.

The Secret – Jack Canfield

Per me il Segreto ha meaning una vera e propria trasformazione, since I grew up with a father very negative, He believes people rich had cheated someone and that whoever had the money was a fraud. So I grew up with a series of beliefs about money, per esempio che il suo possesso rende bad, that only the wicked are rich and that money does not grow on trees.” Who do you think Rockeffeller? ” era una delle phrases preferite di mio padre.
So I grew up believing that the life it was really hard.[...]
The Secret made me realize that to attract money must focus on wealth. Non puoi fare arrivare più soldi nella tua life se ti limiti ad accorgerti di non averne abbastanza, if you focus on the fact of not having enough money, create a huge amount of situations where you will not have enough money.

Seneca sulla ricchezza
Chi si adatta fine alla povertà è ricco.


Only two are in the streets:
una va verso l’acquisire nel world,
the other towards the liberation.
Perciò il discepolo del Buddha
does not seek honors,
ma solo la wisdom.

On Sadhana XXXII

shaucha santosha tapah svadhyay eshvarapranidhanani niyamah ||32||

Purity and cleanliness, deep contentment, strictness ascetic, scripture study, and surrender to Ishvara, are the requirements.
Samtosha means satisfaction. When a person is intimately satisfied, all neuroses that afflict dissipate. The search del piacere nel posto sbagliato nasce invece sempre da dissatisfaction. L’dissatisfaction e l’inquietudine non permettono di discernere tra ciò che causa gioia e ciò che causa dolore. This way people approach sex drug, alcohol and tobacco. Nessuno in realtà but avvelenarsi, inquinarsi, weaken, ma l’dissatisfaction, about mind inquieta, anxiety, dull intelligence (buddhi), which it is no longer able to discern viveka. Both Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita that Patanjali, as well as many rishis of the Upanishads, highlight samtosha, because only one who is not satisfied inwardly most likely be overwhelmed by the waves of mental (vritti) - Comment by Marco Ferrini.

Plato – Repubblica I (330B – 330D)

“Per questo ti ponevo una tale question – precisai -, because you too, as usually those that have not made rich by itself, It seemed the type to die behind the riches. Instead, who is sweaty if there is twice it attacked more than others. Such was the case for poets who prefer their poems, or fathers who have a soft spot for their children. These also, indeed, who have earned their luck if they keep close because they consider them almost a creature, and why, of course, They think they draw, like everyone else, a great advantage. whatever, be with them is not pleasant, because they merely enhance their wealth. "

The Gospel secondo MARCO 10,17- 10,25

[17] Mentre usciva per mettersi in journey, un tale gli corse meeting is, She knelt before him, He asked: “Maestro good, what should I do to life everlasting?”.
[18] Jesus told him: “Perché mi chiami good? Nessuno è good, if not It Gave solo.
[19] You know the commandments: Do not kill, Do not commit adultery, do not steal, Do not bear false witness, non frodare, Honor your father and mother”.
[20] He then said,: “Maestro, all these I have observed from my youth”.
[21] Then Jesus, looking upon, She loved him and said,: “One thing you lack: will ', sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me”.
[22] But he, rattristatosi per quelle words, he went away sad, It had great possessions.
[23] Jesus, looked round, he said to his disciples: “Quanto difficilmente coloro che hanno ricchezze entreranno nel regno di It Gave!”.
[24] I discepoli rimasero stupefatti a queste sue words; but Jesus shooting: “Children, com’è difficile entrare nel regno di It Gave!
[25] It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, who is rich to enter the kingdom of It Gave“.

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