The fact that it extends also conspiracy theories about the tragedy of the plane Germanwings Lufthansa is to understand that level of obsession and denial of reality are arriving minds of us "modern". Because this time the reality is probably worse than the most gruesome plots.
What has happened instead is to bring our attention to an often overlooked factor in companies: the mental health of workers. Too often companies are a jumble of personality on the verge of pathology. This factor may even depend on the hierarchical level and the burden of responsibility of workers. Often it is the highest level that is psychologically ill and in a more serious. Probably the strongest and stress, in many cases, il fatto di trovare nel lavoro l’unica ragione di life porta a disturbi del normale funzionamento della psiche.

People vent emotional tensions and frustrations in the workplace and, instead of solving their problems at the root, They throw themselves with more insistence on work. Inizialmente i risultati professionali possono anche be good , ma i danni all’balance psichico dei soggetti diventano sempre più evidenti. Sul lungo termine i comportamenti devianti rompono l’balance psichico: depression, alcoholism, anaffettività, bipolar disorder, delusions of omnipotence are the most common conditions affecting workers entering the vicious cycle approach to work is not healthy. When the positions covered are vital, these personalities have a negative impact on the entire company. Because of that there are considerable losses of efficiency and productivity, creating working environments filled with conflicts and hostility, conditions in which stress can lead to lethal errors. Not to mention all those personalities "to Eichmann" that, just to make a career, sono disposti a tutto e perdono sempre di più il senso della realtà e perfino la loro coscienza ethics.

What is the antidote to everything? Il nostro illuminato imprenditore Adriano Olivetti aveva creato un piccola città industriale che prevedeva, in addition to the actual work also factors “education, training and support” for all employees and families. The services were also included medical assistance, assistenti sociali e un centro di psychology industriale per lo studio dei problemi psicologici connessi all’attività lavorativa.

The case of Adriano Olivetti It is unique in the recent history World. Olivetti è stato un imprenditore di successo dotato di grandissima umanità, culture and sensitivity to the needs of the human psyche. Its purpose as an entrepreneur was to maximize profit. The difference with all the other entrepreneurs is that Adriano Olivetti non era disposto a sacrificare il rispetto, about dignity and the happiness single be human. Olivetti ha compreso che la fabbrica esiste per l’uomo and not the 'uomo for factory.
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Sono convinto che con più imprenditori come Adriano Olivetti non accadrebbero vicende come quella di Andreas Lubitz, factories would be the most serene, workers would be much happier to do their work and by far the most "normal".

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