In thought “1984: the new dystopia could be around the corner” we talked about how the’informatics can bring, and he is leading, to a knowledge Full of information about a given individual. All this information could facilitate the development of a dystopian society similar to those feared in the best political fiction novels of the twenty-first century. In particular we are talking about the novel 1984 George Orwell's novel or New World Aldous Huxley, taught and “inspiring muse” Orwell.

In this thinking we want to deepen the bipolar aspect of one of the greatest champions “control” that has always hidden behind the hypocritical self-definition as a defender of freedom: the character in question is the famous Steve Jobs.

We start the analysis with one of the books written about Steve Jobs, the cob which is self-explanatory: In the head of Steve Jobs. People do not know what he wants, He yes.
Leander Kahney

Steve Jobs himself said: “People do not know what they want until you show it to him. "This means that consumers need guidance. So far we are within the limits of what is permissible. the problem is Steve Jobs He had the passion of control and this led him, in some moments of his history as an entrepreneur and manager to impose anything without leaving any degree of freedom to both its employees and its products to consumers.

“Steve Jobs is a control superfanatico. Monitoring software,the hardware and the design of Apple products, as well as marketing and online services. Controls every aspect, from what we eat to what employees may or may not tell their families about their job (practically anything)” In the head of Steve Jobs – Leander Kahney

Let's see how this vice of control was rooted in Steve Jobs as a child:

“A day filled the home speaker, but as the speakers can also be used as microphones, He implanted in her closet a control room from which eavesdropping that was happening in the other rooms. Una sera, while Steve with headphone audio eavesdropping head his parents in their bedroom, his father surprised him, He became angry and ordered him to dismantle everything.” Steve Jobs di Walter Isaacson

Also carry statements of several people to dispel any doubt:

“Surrender even part of the audit was a torment for him.” – Steve Jobs di Walter Isaacson

"It's never been much inclined to compromise," says Atkinson. "On The Contrary, It has always been a perfectionist control freak. " – Steve Jobs di Walter Isaacson

"This reflects his personality, which is summarized in the thirst for control, "says Berry Cash – Steve Jobs di Walter Isaacson

The desire Control was deeply rooted in his nature. – Steve Jobs di Walter Isaacson

Paradoxically Steve Jobs himself has always been portrayed as the savior of freedom:

“Today is 1984. It seems that IBM wants to take everything. Apple is considered the only hope to give a hard time at IBM. Retailers, after initially welcomed with open arms the IBM, now they fear a future dominated and controlled by IBM and are turning to Apple as the only force that can guarantee them a future of freedom. L’IBM vuole tutto e sta puntando i suoi cannoni sull’ultimo ostacolo che si frappone fra lei e il controllo industriale. The Big Blue dominate the entire computer industry? The whole era of 'information? George Orwell was right?” says Steve Jobs

Unfortunately for Steve the world not quite blind and anyone found in him the same behavior to which he points the finger:

“Apple has made sure that people do not know more what his freedom, and it sa, do not plan was a nightmare”
Richard Stallman, presidente della Free Software Foundation.

According to Stallman products created by Apple's Steve Jobs at the time hidden behind the attractive design of the fact imprison the user, taking away any degree of freedom.

Stallman refers in particular to the iPhone and the iPad (nicknamed him “century”), where Apple wants to keep a check from the software installable. Stallmen defines “Steve Jobs the computer pioneer intended as a prison made cool”

These words Steve Jobs on Apple II confirm the opinions of Stallman: “We have no control, and look at all the crazy things that people try to make us. It is a mistake that will never make” – Steve Jobs di Walter Isaacson

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