In light of our path, that it stops in front of any response comfortable and convenient, what then is the fine line between illusion and reality, between dream and waking, between search and autoinganno. The misery of philosophy Human is just a trick to get away from the fear of death, from suffering?

It seems absurd, yet it is quite true that, being all the real one anything, neither is there any real substance or the world that illusions.
(Giacomo Leopardi). .
Illusions! shouts philosopher. – Or is all illusion? all! Blessed are the ancients who credeano worthy of 'kiss of immortal stars of heaven; who sacrificed to Beauty and Thanks; diffondeano that the splendor of the divinity of the imperfections of 'uomo, and they found the BELLO and the REAL caressing
the idols of their imagination! Illusions! But in the meantime without them I would not feel the life and in sorrow, O (that scares me even more) in the rigid and indolence nojosa: and if this heart will not want to hear, I myself will tear it out of his chest with my hands, and I will drive him as an unfaithful servant (Ugo Foscolo, Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis, letter 15 May 1798). .

People "who are down-to-earth" believe that the same philosophy born to escape from a latent dissatisfaction personal and existential. In short, some say that philosophical speculation is just another attempt to escape from reality. I Philosophy They have always been considered bizarre figures, of humanity does not practice: crazy, out of mind, away from life and inability to perform common daily tasks.
It is possible that the thinkers build a world imagination to escape from the real one? In a reversal of the myth of the cave, the philosopher He dedicated to speculation, closing his eyes to the tangible things of world, It imprisons you in the cave of thought, losing sight of the concrete aspects
existence. The servant of Thrace that makes fun of Thales, the first of seven sages, pointing out "who cared so much about the things that are in the sky, is, instead, not seen those before him, between the feet "shows that the cave is an entity that moves depending on the viewer's perspective. The philosopher, therefore, may mask the awkwardness of life with real stunts philosophical speculation. Draw the boundaries between search and self-deception is a tall order.

From the heights of thought, landed in the land of those who would like to save the world by means of policy: Illusions! Shouts the citizen. Political ideals have often been
mere illusions to reach the power. Take – for example – i sessantottini. From what I was told I was fighting for a world best, to a vision of society full of ideals and good intentions. and then, what happened?

Once the roots placed in the fertile land of power They are shown perhaps the worst of the generation that preceded them: often the ideals hide the illusion the conquest of power. said this, I'd like to ask Freud if the complex of Oedipus not conceal, rather than a mere sexual instinct, the eternal struggle for power (come desire command and leadership) that forces even to fight "the son against the
father, the daughter against her mother, the mother-in-law against her daughter in law ". The Greek mythology is full of gods who betray and kill one another generation after generation to conquer the power: Cronus against urano, Zeus against Cronus.

At this point we are forced to fail in the deepest pessimism? Let us assume that everything is illusion and escape?
Luckily, Also this is illusion. first of all, the myriad of errors that was committed allows us to advance: albeit in small steps, grow. Surely it is hard to say whether at the level of brotherhood and compassion now has improved. Think of the two world wars that marked the beginning of our century. Even today it seems that the bloody conflicts have lost force and countless wars reap victims every day. There are enormous injustices in world: for each rich person, ten thousand other human beings suffer from hunger. Despite this, I think that the small steps they're doing. At least in the most socially advanced countries can live a life serena, even without be a re. The base of the social pyramid was enlarged at the center: There are too few people rich, the number of poor is declining and most have an average wealth. Some are right to say that the welfare of the developed countries is based on exploitation the poorest. We would be hypocrites if we admit that such a fund truth c’è. We would be unfair if we were to say that the wealth of developed countries depends from SoLo exploitation: well-being also depends on good ideas, by scientific and technological innovations, from job precious of individual. Undoubtedly a rational organization of society, imposed by a mind top, would lead to a greater balance and a better distribution of wealth. But all human attempts to order rationally and permanently now, they brought with them the evils, which they were often worse than fine who had sought to achieve. Instead of promoting Utopia, we should leave by us. Without renunciation and self-control capacity it is not built a company that is not based on exploitation others.

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