the problem electromagnetic emission by the cell It has been raised since, in many parts of world, people use their mobile phones more frequently. The waves emitted by phones They are in the microwave spectrum and are thought to be harmful to health. for this reason, They were conducted numerous experimental and epidemiological research on human and animal.

The World Organization for Health, supported by many doctors and scientists, It considered unlikely that emissions from base stations of the mobile network and mobile phones themselves have suffering adverse health.
Despite this, some national radiation advisory authorities, including those of Austria, France, Germany, Sweden advised citizens to limit exposures.

Key recommendations are:

  • Use headphones to prevent radiation from being emitted directly in the head. Per be even safer, you could insert a sink ferrite the earphone cord, so you do not get even the residual radiation, which passes in the cable that connects the headset to the phone.
  • Keep the phone away from the body (indeed, the power of the field decreases very rapidly with increasing distance from the source) ;
  • No phone in the car without an external antenna. In environments such as self, the train, bus when using the cell of the radiation, because of the metallic materials, They are amplified greatly within the means, increasing l'exposure.

Health risks

Many scientists have investigated the possible effects of mobile phone radiation. These studies are stages occasionally reviewed by a scientific committee to assess the real health risks.
The most recent result of these investigations were published in 2007 by the European Commission on search “Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR)ʱ??. It is stated that there are no significant adverse effects on a normal level of exposure:

The normal exposure the radiation from mobile phones can cause headaches or dizziness, nor can cause brain tumors, neurological or reproductive harm.
Some research (not completed) They have suggested that emissions from mobile phone may cause tumors Benign the cochlear nerve.
Nevertheless, it should be noted that studies are needed regarding the potential effects on children's health.

Technical explanations

Part of the waves emitted by the mobile phone is absorbed by the head. The radio waves emitted by a GSM may have a peak power of 2 watt. Other technologies, come UMTS, use a power infer, typically 1 Watt. The maximum power that a cell should issue is regulated by the legislation of each country. The power of the emitted radiation varies according to the position, Signal Quality, the place where the phone. During the time in which the user does not speak the signal is transmitted at regular intervals to establish contact between the base station and the mobile, but the signal strength is low.

Thermal effects

A known effect of microwave radiation is dielectric heating, in which each dielectric material (as living tissue) It is heated by a rotation of polar molecules induced by the electromagnetic field. In case a person using the phone, the majority of the effect of heating will be necessary on the surface of the head , causing an increase in temperature. in this case, the temperature rise is the fraction of a degree. The temperature rise is thus less than that which would suffer the head when exposed directly to solar radiation. The brain is able to balance this increase, increasing local blood circulation. However, the cornea does not have the ability to adjust the temperature, and a exposure very prolonged at a high temperature could cause a premature cataract. Nonetheless, It was not found any correlation between 'exposure to cell phone radiation and this phenomenon, because the power involved is very small.

Non-thermal effects

Some researchers have argued that so-called non-thermal effects, can be reinterpreted as normal responses of cells to a temperature rise. German biophysicist Roland Glaser, e.g, He said that there are many molecules thermo-recipients in the cells, that they activate in cascade a second and a third messenger system, and produce certain proteins that are capable of defending the cell by metabolic stress caused by heating. Temperature increases are too small to be determined from studies that have been conducted as the REFLEX (Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards from Low Energy Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposure Using Sensitive in vitro Methods).

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