"What would you think if you were told that they found a substance that can repair your body's organs?
Science fiction? No, stamina cells.ʱ??

Nabla: "Are you still working on the project? "
Matteo: " …maybe we are close ... relativity will soon have other experimental confirmation '.
Nabla: "I hope that whatever you discover them, l’ I learn from the voice of a friend... ».
Matteo: "I know I can not divulge confidential information '.
Nabla:«lo so, You are the usual piece of mahogany ".
Matteo:"Who trusts only the equations!".
Nabla:"Let's see if you contradict.
I just read a book on a topic of interest, As important, but also very delicate ".
Matteo: "thing?".
Nabla: "stem cells".
Matteo: "I do not know anything".
Nabla: "The living will repels?"
Matteo: "Ahaha, un po '... "
Nabla: "Anyway, I try to explain it in brief: I'm interested in your opinion as "uomo of scienceʱ??. I hope be pretty clear.

Stem cells are cells capable of reproducing themselves and to turn into other cells. for example, the white blood cells of our blood are produced at a speed of 3000 the second from hematopoietic stem cells.

The properties that make special stem cells:

  • the ability to differentiate: a same cell may produce cells of different type depending on the tissue in which it is located;
  • the great speed and reproductive capabilities;
  • the ability to reproduce clones of themselves no wear out.

These features are of extraordinary importance since they allow to keep constant the number of Stem of the body and, in some cases, to repair any injuries. Also, processes involving stem cells are the basis of the longevity of life human and vertebrates.

Nature also has its limitations and , sometimes, as in some neurological diseases, not just the intervention of stem cells that fail to repair damaged tissues in which they reside, Why, practically, the repair is slower than the destruction. in this case, may intervene l 'uomo transplanting, in place of the diseased cells, the stem, who then would be able to repair tissues. There is some researcher that goes further and believes that in the future it will be possible to use stem cells to produce whole organs!

This type of cells are distinguished by the origin in: embryonic or adult.

Embryonic: are cells that appear in the first few days of life embryo all but disappear after the first two weeks of life embryo itself. They have a huge potential for development and multiplication, and can generate all types of human cells.

adult or somatic: coming from an individual's body or from the umbilical cord (fine precious not to throw). Their job is to maintain the integrity of adult tissues.

Adult stem

They do not present rejection
In some cases they are already in the fabric to cure

Difficult to grow and isolate
Proliferation not at the level of embryonic

Embryonic stem

They are totipotent (produce all types of cells)
Huge proliferation capacity

Rejection high

We must destroy embryos, that lives in power.

state of the art: Adult stem cells have already been successfully used for therapeutic purposes while still there are no therapies that use embryonic stem.

The cure based on embryonic stem cells requires to trigger the process of production of a life and interrupt, then, although potentially could be more effective (but it is said, until now was the opposite) many scientists and the Church, obviously, They are opposed.

what do you think about it? "

Matteo: "that the science must go on…".
Nabla: "Without asking Applications?".

Which of these processes begins the life?

cellule staminali

Do not appear distinct processes, but different stages of this unique process we call "lifeʱ??.
Such therapy requires the destruction of a be human power. in essence, should be built factories embryos for sacrifice, for those who have had the opportunity to complete the development of its "biological process."
The condition to invest resources and efforts in this type of search, and probable (but not certain) dissemination of medical therapies (which in the future would require considerable use of embryos "to sacrifice") It raises ethical issues very delicate and should not be underestimated. Oltre alla question “quando ha inizio la life?ʱ??, bisognerebbe porsi la question: "What are the limits of the right to human intervention?ʱ??.
This does not mean that those diseases (eventually) treatable by the use of stem cells will never be cured with other methodologies, means only ask whether it is permissible to follow a road that have not been defined or, least, including ethical limits.

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