The previous post has opened the way to a seemingly simple question, but extremely complex when analyzed carefully: In quale categoria può be archiviato il pensiero: matter O does not matter? I could go: e l’love?

Personally I have a vision that seeks to explain everything SuperQuark, anche l’love, in termini di uomo macchina-fisica. Analyzing the thought, se l’uomo pensante fosse solo matter He could not have a clear conscience. Non potrebbe porsi la question: "Because I speak?"This is the fundamental difference between conscious thought and a pure data processing. Reasoning (understood as processing) can be prodotto da un insieme di circuiti o neuroni, but consciousness is something beyond. E l’ love, for example, is only one factor chemical and hormones? Prima di tutto è una force che nasce dalla mind (in this case potrei usare anche soul come sinonimo). Moreover, he can not be ridotta a delle reazioni chimiche che si sviluppano all’interno del corpo. So it is always due to something that materially fail to identify the full. Ho usato il termine force non a case. Tutte le forze dell’Universe (weak nuclear, strong, gravitational, Electromagnetic)- in realtà – sono riconducibili all’interazione tra particelle o forze che permeano l’universe (come la matter and dark energy).

For physics, then, no particles, there are no forces. I leave you to the conclusion. At this point the question è “Cosa studia la fisica?"The answer is the world della materia, moreover, non living. Maybe we should change the definition, dato che molti la usano per dimostrare la non esistenza dell’soul (or It Gave) namely, what it is not matter. Not only the physics is limited in this field of investigation, but its scope stops where begins “anything”. But already in the analysis of simple vacuum there are still many difficulties. We face the question number two. Since the birth of the experimental method (Galileo shows), i modelli teorici vanno verificati sperimentalmente per be confermati, It is one of the rules from which a physicist can not escape. Come si fa a confermare sperimentalmente che non esiste l’soul?
"An experiment (from the Latin ex, "Da", and perish, "Groped", "go through") is the realization of an operation empirical "and empirical (from the greek eμpe???a – experience) It is what comes from the senses. Then , at this point, definition and change would be two. Non so, maybe I'm wrong, ma una fisica dell’soul suona proprio male.

PHYSICAL AND NOT MATTER last edit: Friday,en,2 March 17:32, 2007 the nabladue

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