In any triangle the sum of areas of the squares of the cathetus is equivalent to the surface of the square of the hypotenuse.


China V-III a.C. : Chou Pei Suan Ching

Egypt XVIII- XVII century A.C..

Greece (Only) 573 – 490 a.c. : Pythagoras

Babylonian tablet from the XVI-XX century A.C..

"Nine or ten centuries before Muhammad lived in India a famous Brahmin named Apastamba.
This wise, to educate priests on the construction of altars and temples on the draft, He wrote
work called Salvasutra containing many mathematical examples. It is unlikely that this
Treaty has been influenced by the theories of Pythagoras, since scholars Indians
They followed the methods of investigation of the Greeks. In its pages are still numerous theorems: space, figures and rules for geometric constructions. To explain the construction of an altar, Apastamba aims to draw a triangle, whose sides measure respectively 39, 36 is 15 centimeters; to solve the problem, he applies a theorem attributed to Pythagoras greek.

Actually our Pythagoras did not arrive first indeed, almost last…The Pythagorean theorem It was formulated independently by different cultures
which had no contact between them.

Mathematics is the only science who succeeds to universalize what is particularly: culture diverse, in places and eras, I reach the same result, sometimes, also in ways different.

L’universe It has a mathematical structure.

Harmony is mathematics. Music is math. Perfection is mathematics.


These equations nuanced, for some are just symbols, which as could wilcoyote be Used for sandwiches Mc 'Donalds, but who knows, You know what I mean ... and nabla it's just that triangle that seems insignificant, nabladue if that becomes squared (multiplication by himself).

The mathematical term, as we know it, It derives from the greek "apprentice": He born to distinguish those who frequented the Pythagorean school to learn this "art" and put it into practice, by those who attended out of curiosity.

What allowed to mathematics and rationality of the Greeks to overcome cultures who knew the same theorems before them ...? Tell me what you think,I will answer with the next post ...

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