Scambio di e-mail con un friend. I was invited to sign a petition for the campaign in favor of the production of energy with hydrogen, the same campaign initiated by Beppe Grillo.

I feel the need to sign, I care for our planet, we're ruining. I have a doubt. I have to think. I take a sheet. Inizio a write something.

Hydrogen + .... = Clean energy + H20 (water)

The question is becoming clearer. Where do I get the hydrogen to produce the’power? what a disappointment!
actually, the problem is just that: on planet Earth there is no hydrogen gas (H2) ) pure state.

How to produce it? Serve the power plants or, worse still, It should be produced by combustion of fossil fuels and thus other CO2. The best way to produce it is the electrolysis of water using electricity, but more and more energy must consume. The thermodynamics it's a science crudele, Unfortunately.

Maybe Beppe Cricket you are wrong. I must deepen, I'll be right back, wait for.

Il risultato della search It is the following:

The hydrogen internal combustion engine (obtainable from the current one by means of a few changes), It is not a good solution, since it has a low yield and produces other pollutants.
The best solution from an environmental perspective, which also presents a high energy yield, It is the fuel cell. This turns hydrogen into electricity, allowing to actuate a electric motor. The problem is that the fuel cells are still at the prototype stage and are not currently marketable.
not only. L 'hydrogen presents low energy density per unit volume, that is, to produce power it serves very. this means that, if we want to have a tank the size of a car today, Compress, resulting in consumption of other power and security problems.
I am looking for another solution and I find science fiction: a car going compressed air: The Air car The Air car . A car which goes to air, incredible! certainly, to replace the compression for combustion,the air must have a very high pressure. No, I do not believe it, avvbbiamo the same problem:
how to compress the air to 300 bar per mandare avanti i miliardi di automobili in tutto il world?
Basically what it claims Beppe Cricket It is a farce.

Beppe GrilloIn alcuni atteggiamenti Beppe Cricket ricorda i demagoghi della Grecia di Plato is Socrates (even if the demagogues of the time, They were highly educated and not swearing).

Sei pessimo Nabla, but you can not mind your own business? now Beppe Cricket Start to criticize.
But that it my fault, I just try to reason with my head.
Then there is no solution?
I'm not saying that there is no solution, dico solo che non esiste la soluzione dei dreams, and even we are sure that hydrogen is a possible solution.

Small addition to those propaganda for the signature of petition for Grillo and grillini su vari blog:

Firmare non serve a anything, there's no technology. I want see then, who and how, It realizes the new economy. Firmiamo per fare search nel nostro paese e per dare uno stipendio dignitoso ai ricercatori: let's leave politics (Remove the multinationals, to create other) if we want to improve things, as I always say: science, reason and free thought.

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