Nabla: "Once again, Neutrinos come back to talk about their!"
Marco: «Mi ricordo che molto time fa mi spiegasti il problema relativo alla loro massa (see Universe). In summary, I said that we still had not managed to figure out whether or not they had a mass ... and then from there it seems to me that we set off on a tangent with speeches ... ghostly "
Nabla: "Then you have stuck these Neutrinos! Do you think the last straw for a neutrino It is precisely to remain imprinted, seen that in a million of neutrinos that every day through our body, only one year is able to interact with it (and without causing damage to luck) ".
Marco: "Bella this!"
Nabla: "In the end it turned out that they have a mass, albeit very very small. It is estimated that their mass is 100000 ad 1 million times less than that of the electron ».
Marco: "You see in a few years many things change ..."
Nabla: "It changes everything, ma non cambia anything, as always".
Marco: «Ti riferisci alla politica italiana per case?"

Nabla: « Non avevo in mind just what, anyway ... back to Neutrinos, I think that having dissolved the riddle of mass is a very important result, but that was not what I alluded to initially. actually, c 'it is up to something bigger and potentially revolutionary ".
Marco: "Thing? I Neutrinos be able to solve the problems of our country? "
Nabla: "Ah fun! Actually neutrinos instead of solving problems, we create them. in the sense: They create them to scholars who need to understand the unique and bizarre behavior of these particles'.
Marco: «Be’, allora che ne pensi di questa equivalenza math: Neutrinos They are in physical as citizens are to politicians!"
Nabla: "What witty! Non mi sembra il case di scherzare su queste cose con i tempi che corrono».
Marco: "Then we hear, what is this sensational news?"
Nabla: «Nell’ OPERA experiment carried out in collaboration between CERN and the laboratories of Gran Sasso Along It revealed that neutrinos could travel faster than light. I use the conditional because it still has not been accepted in a definitive way by the scientific community ".
Marco: "But it is the famous tunnel of Gelmini? "
Nabla: "Yup, just what. Actually neutrinos I am a kind of Superman particle, e riescono a travel anche senza bisogno di alcun tunnel. This is because beyond any obstacle. Sometimes they are able to cross the entire planet earth without being shielded!"
Marco: "So to the neutrinos would not serve the TAV? "
Nabla: "Give enough of the easy jokes!"

Marco: "Look, the" affair "began to intrigue me, infatti ho già pronta la prossima question. Prima parlavi del fatto che una scoperta deve be “accettata”. what does it mean? When you can say that a discovery is "accepted"?"
Nabla: «Gli articoli scientifici devono be vagliati scrupolosamente dagli scienziati. Chi ha pubblicato un risultato deve be pronto a rispondere e dissolvere tutte le obiezioni e le osservazioni che vengono fatte dai colleghi provenienti da ogni parte del Globo. Also, this being the result of an experiment, l’evento deve be riproducibile da un gruppo di scienziati diverso da quello che ha fatto la scoperta».
Marco: «A questo punto la question is: assuming it to be true, What would happen ? at the end, che cosa cambierebbe nel world?"
Nabla: «Apparentemente anything, but there would be major changes in the physical and, reflex, in tutti i campi del know".
Marco: "Yes, but tell me what would be better in this revolution".
Nabla: "The physical, until today, had regarded as speed limit the speed of light in vacuum. La relatività si basa sul principio che anything che trasporti matter, energia o information can travel a velocità superiori a quella della luce. then again, it should not make a particle with mass as the neutrino ".
Marco: "Because there is also something that has mass? "
Nabla: "Photons, that, detto in language common, They are of the "light particles", have no mass and travel at that that – per hour - is considered as the limit speed (about 300000 Km/s). Secondo la relatività speciale di Einstein, se qualcosa dotato di massa dovesse travel ad una velocità uguale o superiore a quella limite, l’energia dell’oggetto dovrebbe aumentare fino all’infinity! Therefore, it does not explain the Neutrinos can have such a speed ".
Marco: "And then relativity would be thrown!"
Nabla: «Andiamoci calmi con queste words, la fisica è una science that but il riciclaggio! Non si butta mai anything! Relativity we use it and continue to use it everyday ".
Marco: "Even when we brush our teeth, real??? "

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