I still do not know if the time is circular or linear?
It does not really matter.
Perché anche se fosse una retta il suo destination sarebbe quello di chiudersi all’infinity.
La retta non è altro che una circonferenza di raggio infinity con curvatura anything.
Yes but, the time has never had a zero, un'origine?
What's behind us?
The horizon, The Horizon of Events.
Speaks more clearly do not understand you.
It all started in quell'instante. do you remember: explosion. Il famoso Big Bang.
The light continues to propagate from that point, forming a sort of cone
and we are only observers in the summit of the cone.
The past is the cone that is behind us, the future is the cone that extends.

"It is therefore no wonder that Roger Penrose and I" - says Stephen Hawking - "we could prove that, the mathematical model of General Relativity, time must have a beginning in the so-called Big Bang. A similar analysis shows that time has an end, which occurs when the stars and galaxies collapse for their own gravity, forming holes blacks. We bypassed the Kantian antinomy of pure reason abandoning its implicit assumption: che il tempo abbia meaning indipendentemente dall’Universeʱ??.

Quindi la struttura temporale dell’Universe it's the following:

0 time 0 time 0 time 0 time 0 time 0

The end coincides with the beginning: another circle.
Then the time is circular, ma è rinchiuso nell’universe?
Dunque il tempo non esiste indipendentemente dall’Universe, but its cycles are marked by the existence. How can we call the alternating 0 and then time?
Is not itself time? The alternation is not a condition of the time?
I exclude that there is a time outside observer?
It does not seem like negligible doubt: if there was an external entity to us, che potesse osservare il nostro Universe, would see the huge circle: the eternal alternation of expansion and contraction, birth is death, Fine is Male.
So what's wrong?
Non lo so, but there is something else again.
Ok fino qui non ho capito anything. Let me ask you something else.
Tell me. Cercherò di be più chiaro, for what I can.
Sarà mai possibile andare back nel tempo?
Tipo il film Ritorno al Futuro?
Sempre secondo Hawking potrebbe be possibile se la curvatura dello spazio-tempo (defined by general relativity) It was so high as to enable a’ astronave di return allo stesso punto prima di be partita. To achieve this space-time would be distorted notevolemente. Without going into details, we should create tunnels hunching temporal space-time with the machines.
So the theory is possible?
If he says one of the greatest physicists of the century…
Even if I get another doubt: we admit that it is possible. Nel futuro riusciremo a return back nel tempo. Ma se futuro e passato sono collegati e nel futuro hanno inventato la macchina che permette di andare back nel tempo, because those of the future did not come from us? Or they are already among us?
Bo '. For now it is only fiction. E non ho capito anything anche stavolta.
Okay come… just talk, listen to some’ of time…

spartito e tempo

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