“Nell’ friendship I'm talking about, souls mix and mingle with each other with a union so complete erase and not find again more connection that united. If you ask me to say because I loved her, I feel that this can not be expressed if not responding: because he was; because I was "

Michel de Montaigne was Étienne de La Boétie

some year ago, after a painful "blow loving", I wrote, perhaps to vent, something about the ' friendship e l’ love, emphasizing the superiority of the first against the second.

Carry a short fragment of the 12 pages:

"….Of course it is fine make it clear that you are talking about love passionate, what you feel toward a person of the opposite sex or not, but as sublime and transcendent there may seem, It has its highest expression in the 'carnal union. L’love passionate is neither right nor wrong in itself, is beautiful and bad at the same time, sublime and material but you should never idealize, thinking it as the most important thing of their own life and essential for it .... ʱ?? (here obviously I am trying to convince myself)
"First of all the partner must be a friend. You can fall in love with a person in a moment, but the true friendships are built with time. Quand 'is that we can say to a person who is a true friend ? when there is something that binds you deeply, they share passions, when coping with difficulties, They fight for the same ideals, and dialogue, si sta fine also in the silences, we trust, discussed without closing the dialog, It leans mutually, when we are willing to sacrifice for the Grim, have fun, We laugh and cry together, everyone gives all 'Grim something of his that' more is ready to absorb and vice versa. Quando l’friend It makes us feel calm, We comfort us when we need it,support us if he believes that it is appropriate, but is ready to make us understand that we are wrong ... only to this person we might say you're a real friend and we would not even need to tell “I want you fine”. There being pushed passionate, l’friendship It is the 'union of two souls, the most pure and disinterested. It is also the most pure blood ties, l’ friendship is a choice, i relatives Captain. "

Nabla28: – Belle idee Nabla22 ma, quest’ friendship I have not yet found. However,, I found someone who really lived it: ergo there.

We are among the '500 and' 600, hard times, straziati da guerre continue:religious conflict, famines, poverty and even the plague. Their friendship era resa ancora più bella dalla passione in comune per la cultura e per i classici; a common commitment against injustice, against intolerance and "no dialogue": "They are great only because we are on your knees".

Probably the most malicious, including also Nabla, You may have wondered if they were homosexual.
actually, it seems certain that they have never had a physical relationship, theirs was a union of souls: a' friendship perfetta.

"Our souls have walked so united, They have been discovered at any other since one o'clock in the depths of the bowels, that I not only knew her soul like mine, but certainly I would more willingly entrusted to him myself. "

what do you think? Have you ever experienced a ' friendship so?

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