Before you go on with the saga of energy, I would like to dedicate a post to our friend , a special person to me.

Of lei non so molto, I do not know live: l’ho conosciuta qui sul blog ed è nata subito grande sintonia. I know he's about my age, che è una delle persone più simpatiche che il world of blog potrà mai avere. It is one of the few people that instead of complaining about our country, ha avuto il courage di andare a live in Francia. He left certainties, family, friends e la pasta, per avere una life normale e indipendente, come lei stessa ha detto.

I know that now is fighting a battle, against a small part of his body that no longer wants to work with the rest. Addresses the problem head-on, con grande courage, senza perdere un briciolo di irony e con grande umanità. He is a person from which there is much to be learned. Una persona che sta costruendo un blog stupendo, rare to find: a blog ( Sporablog ) that makes you laugh, reflect, excite. Spore, I'm happy to meet you ....

One of our special friend last edit: Tuesday,20 March 18:22, 2007 the nabladue

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