The computer as a tool to kill freedom

"Orthodoxy consists in not thinking - not needing to think in. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness. "
1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four)

In future word freedom will always go the less agree word informatics. In fact, the cultural revolution brought by IT, though in some ways it made it possible to expand our emancipation and autonomy through information sharing, paradoxically in a future (not too far away) It could lead to the complete elimination of freedom. Orwell probably just wrong year, but the technology will help to fulfill the prophecies of dystopian novels of the twentieth century, come 1984 or New World by Aldous Huxley.

Let's see how all this will be possible and, worse, as all this is becoming reality. The words Key to this dystopia I'm control and information. In particular, the information will reach the control.

first step: control of private and personal information of every living person on the planet. When all the people on earth will have a account facebook (or other similar social) all information relating to an individual will be at the disposal of the bodies control. Do not think that by sharing “solo” some pictures or some thought you can save!
In fact there are sophisticated methods but highly effective to obtain all that is relative to a person through his facebook account: friends, like, post, photo, groups, film is books Favourites, dream Team, relationship status, good food and wines can help rebuild the character profile, the ideas and personality of an individual. This is the first point of the question: from the information I can rebuild all that I need to control people or to assess whether break the dictates of a hypothetical Big Brother. The second point concerns how will be used the data published by users and those who will become the owner. Already today, If you think that your information is loaded and that you are protected in matter privacy, read what you agreed to when you created your facebook regarding the ownership and use of published content.

Serivizi Cloud

Illustro in due words What are the Cloud services (Cloud) for those who do not know them. Use the Cloud (the cloud) it simply means that a user can read or save a data via the Internet without know where the data is located exactly. Obviously the given somewhere must be is, more precisely, It is placed on the servers of one of the companies that provide the service Cloud.
All personal data is loaded on “Cloud” are holding companies (come Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox and similar). In the future also the data of other companies (those in which you work) They will be in the “Cloud”. This also implies that business data (including your) They will possess those who manage the Cloud.

Email: you'll definitely an email account registered with a known provider. No need for explanations to understand how personal data are in email exchanges.
Also in this case, read what you agreed to when you created the account about the ownership of the content of your correspondence electronics.

Control location via GPS services: navigation services most common insist you accept the clauses that allow, to those who provide the service, to figure out where you are and to track all your moves.

Internet navigation: the sites visited, purchases you make, the forum in which you write are used to provide “potential controllers” all the information on your person and your history.

Road cameras: Today we are observed by many cameras that are located on the street. While this certainly has positive implications in terms of safety, could be used as a further form of control.

Satellite cameras: They are already a reality, but in the future they could become so precise that it can use on a global scale to keep an eye on even the most remote corners of the earth.

After all this roundup, you do your considerations. My guess is that a hypothetical “Big Brother” would not have problems to establish a totalitarianism technocratic where every gesture, thought, act of the individual can be controlled or even controlled.

1984: the new dystopia could be around the corner last edit: Tuesday,16 December 18:21, 2014 the nabladue

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