Moses It would become millionaire, had he lived in our times. 2,4 million euro for two nights on 10 Commandments!
This is the figure that has asked the agent Roberto Benigni Rai for two episodes of a new show hosted by comedian Tuscan.

Although it is established that the communism Italian is one of the strangest creatures that ever existed on the planet, former sympathizer of the Communist Party looks more like a Scrooge McDuck with comic. Obviously there is no anything of male to gain thanks to its talento.C'è though a self-imposed limit that should those who profess extreme left and who has always fought (at this point only in appearance) greed and the greed of powerful.

In addition there is also at stake here the moral responsibility of those who want to treat a certain type of issues. Earn “loaf” with related activities religion or spirituality It is not condemned a priori, but speculate so much on religion for personal gain is by opportunistic.
If true the news of Rai millionaire cachet, although I always enjoyed the shows of Roberto Benigni, I will not watch the broadcast because it seems the result of a total incoherence.

The news on Rai cachet of Roberto Benigni

Roberto Fico, Chairman of the Supervisory Board on Rai says he has "asked for clarification from the Rai on two episodes that Roberto Benigni dedicate to Ten Commandments scheduled 15 is 16 December on Rai Uno. These days are circulating in the press a series of rumors about stamp in negotiations between RAI and Lucio Presta, the manager of Benigni. We talk about 4 million euro, of which 2,4 for the show The Ten Commandments, is 1,6 addressed in a future broadcast in the late evening on the Divine Comedy, but not yet included in the schedules ". "Viale Mazzini and the agent Benigni stated that the figures are far from the truth leaked. So why not make an effort in the direction of transparency and to clarify the financial details of the agreement? – Fico is pressing – According to reports in the press of the fees which may appear unreasonable given the current economic situation of the country and the same Rai struggling, as you know, with operations to contain the expenditure necessary to cope with cutting 150 million euro arranged by the Government ".

"In this context I do not think you can invoke reasons of competition and need of privacy. As it will also be completing its Benigni? For the production will use the existing skills in Rai or resort to external resources or facilities?"I'm insists. "I remind you that in its opinion on the service contract approved last 7 May by the Supervisory Committee (contract we are waiting to be signed by 6 months), we have included a provision that regards the conflicts of interest of the agents of the stars ", He emphasizes Fico.

Benigni: by the Communist 2 million euro in the evening! last edit: Wednesday,3 December 11:24, 2014 the nabladue

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