A day ago I had two conversations quite disturbing, not for their content, either as a result of the interlocutors, however pleasant, but it was the union of the two topics to take me to some of the considerations' discouraging.

The two arguments that are being added go despair: home and salary.

Home = 250 salaries

250 Salaries = 20 years job (perhaps 21)

Admitting they can pour all the money to buy a house. In a 'hypothesis more realistic, despite being optimistic, we think we can put aside the 50% to buy the house. Immaginiamo di poter fare un mutuo che copra la metà del value total. So the years of job necessary in order to start a mortgage remain always 20.
considering that, usually, those who study begins work (se va fine) a 25 years, theoretically, a 45 could open up the mortgage. (I emphasize that for us "home" means 1 Local and a half, outside the city walls or better on the outside of the ring road Rome).
So what to do?
first of all: curse the years you studied, because now you are making a job that your degree is just a piece of paper with which you do what you once suggested Toto.
Then you think that if you can not buy a home, you can try to buy land.
First you start to notice that the cubic building in certain areas is 0,45 (their 1000 metri q. of land, 150 metri q. home).

in this case to have 150 metri q. home I spend 700 thousand Euros for the land.
Perhaps dividend 4 It could be done: 37, 5 metri q. home enough for me.
Also build underground or in the attic (so not part of the airspace) and rent a room at cane the rich neighbor.
it's a pity that, after buying the garden, I have build house. Qundi also in this case I do not enough money…
So what to do?
Go rent?
but yes, We can do so we pensions. Of belle pensions….So what to do?
I eventually stroke of genius. I am a partner with whom to sobbarcarmi this burden?
But after two weeks because my relationships end all alike?

However,, Mica are stupid the "hippies": home town, free sex, anything job, pace, love and freedom.

A promised land… last edit: Tuesday,17 July 20:21, 2007 the nabladue

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