It is Sunday and it is unusual winter, hot. We are Trastevere, hostile land which belonged to the Etruscans, oggi il quartiere più pittoresco di Rome. Una way friend He asked Marco to accompany him on one of those old craft workshops of Trastevere, who still know of the Middle Ages: They must make a short film.
They walk the streets paved with cobblestones, looking for something to eat for the troops and, despite themselves, They must yield to the temptation of the infamous McDonald's.

Amica: he mi 10 mac chicken, 10 …
They are going to get out of the Mac 4 bags of crap, as well as having bags Clothes leaders who have had the opportunity to buy only thanks to the balances.
Meanwhile nle, two boys of about harmless 15 years are the last in line when approaching a bully of about 18 years, short hair and stocky physique. The bully is targeting one of those guys and screaming:

“What the fuck you look?” bringing the face 2 mm from that of the poor boy
trying to stammer something: “but I…”
And the bully presses violently: “get out that you background, I'll kill you ... piece de'merda, holes wait for you ...”
The frightened boy does not know what to say and everyone remain silent to observe, until a cashier screams:
– “go outside. Enough!”.

The bully He comes out and calls others not satisfied 4, his friends, uno dei quali indossa occhiali così scuri che non si riescono a see gli occhi. All five do they bring with defiance at the door waiting for the two poor unfortunates. All this takes place in front of a crowd of about 40 people making comments to each other, but no one intervenes. Marco and l 'friend, eager to reach out to others, sorry to have seen the "spectacle", with that 'indifference that has who does not want to have problems, leaving the Mac, abandoning the two poor boys to their destination.

As usual Marco starts thinking. Certainly the events of bullying They are spreading, that company, now they have even more afraid to hide.
Marco: sure that…
Amica: what?
Marco: maybe it's our fault.
Amica: thing.
Marco: indifference;
Amica: what are you saying?
Marco: those guys if no one would help them, thinking, so someone will do, that will happen?
Amica: did you read in the papers? bullying It gets away with it because the audience are afraid to intervene.

Marco inizia a stare male, a guilt trip I began to think back to haunt and: but I like something to happen. And if tomorrow I read it in the papers ... are only eighteen ... And if you have a knife ... already once I found myself in trouble ... do not you resist ...
Leave envelopes and come back. A girl is discussing with bullies. Marco is going to intervene, other people approach, quando i Bulli, They realize that their game is over they go.

Perhaps to defeat bullying basta be uniti…e serve un minimo di courage.

It makes you think, but if they did this in front of everyone in an afternoon so crowded, if only that could happen? And at school?

The event is dated 15/01/2006.
The sera Nabla, while he is writing the story, looking sites on bullissismo, read the news 14/01/2006.

Google brings it back as a news 8 hours before.
ALGHERO – New episode of violence and bullying the streets of the old town in the late evening on Saturday. At around 23.30, a group of young, little more than teenagers, He has become the protagonist of a real beating against two peers.
Five or six pack members have taken on the unsuspecting young, tempestandoli with fists in the face, kicks and blows of all kinds, Data blindly, without the slightest inkling of what they were really doing. One of the unfortunate managed to wriggle immediately, the second has suffered other blows before he could get away. They were dramatic moments for the two unfortunate children, threatened with beer bottles, wielded against them as weapons.
Ci si trova davanti a un nuovo e inaccettabile case di violenza gratuita, unfortunately not the first, che vede come Theatre il centro storico.

Bullies unexpected last edit: Tuesday,16 January 12:39, 2007 the nabladue

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