We tend to think that the corruption It is only in the public sector.
We often hear “private companies work because they need to be profitable”.

But there it is in Italy?

first of all, very few Italian companies are fully released to the public.
Indeed, many private companies working for organizations that have government concessions. Basti pensare al world di giochi, in which
manufacturers are private companies, while concessions are given to the game “Dealers” chosen by the state.

In several Italian manufacturing sectors is this mechanism and, the transitive property, private companies are in the service of the state even if indirectly.

Apart from that, that propels us back into corruption public sector, who has worked in private companies according to Italian I saw me:

Corruption and aiding and abetting on purchases when you resort to external supplies;

Private business structures with a very high percentage of managers / executives / managers than the number of workers employed;

I posti più alti vengono spesso occupati per relazione clientelare o per friendship anziché per meritocrazia;

Sistemare un parente o friend è l’obbiettivo principali di alcuni dirigenti che con gli “exchanges of favor” placing their acquaintances;

Italian leaders seem more interested in their career rather than the productivity of their company. This is fine if the personal interests sail on the same route of those business. If, however, we are willing to “falsify” the compass for our advantages, the company certainly will lose;

Italian companies are not lacking the “Adolf Eichmann”, cioè dei burocrati normali e banali che hanno come unico talento quello di be disposti a tutto per fare carriera (vedi La banalità del male). Questi personaggi senza capacità utilizzano servilismo e mancanza di coscienza ethics per scalare ai vertici delle società e purtroppo trovano terreno fertile nella mancanza di meritocrazia.

What does all this?

Loss of international competitiveness, entry of foreign players to make up for the low level of those Italian, business failures, loss of talent who do not have the opportunity to express themselves in a non-meritocratic, mancata creazione di posti di job per lo scarso rendimento delle aziende e, worse, It does not create new business but the existing bureaucratized.

Corruption exists only in the public sector? last edit: Tuesday,9 June 11:07, 2015 the nabladue

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