What is the difference between these two buttons? Only the language? Guardate fine! No, not like that. Look better! Ho fatto un esperimento con un mio friend. His, Italian-American, It has a residence in the US, talented graphic and Web Designer. Questo mio friend ha anni di experience, hours and hours spent in front of a monitor, talent does not lack for sure, signed also sites of large US companies. He has entered the curriculum, nei due monster, italiano e americano per cercare lo stesso tipo di job. Fluent in both languages, It gives high availability and its age is about 40. You know what was the result? After two weeks had to unplug the phone USA for how many calls received. From 'Italy in six months has not received a call. Lavoro e Italia sono due words che non vanno d’accordo.Ma a che servono tutti questi siti di job? A che serve la voce “lavora con noi” che tante hopes ha fatto nascer… A 40 years we just be thrown? It applies only to workers? The Italian parliament looks a senior center. I suggest (see comments) che siamo da buttare noi pù giovani.In sintesi in Italia non c’è job . How many unnecessary compiled form! How much time lost! When you get to the end of the last entry 15 pages, in cui ti hanno fatto Applications, who have put a strain on your fantasy, comes the fateful message "Connection Failed!ʱ??. At that point you lost irretrievably, all traces of your data. It is likely that our poor pc, which it is the only one to do his duty, it will costs, guadagnandosi un bel calcio in faccia gratuito… Tutto sommato se devo perdere time preferisco write for the blog, at least I have fun! Splinder even works better than those form, and this, speaks volumes ... The results of the experiment have become a certainty: the certainty, che il mio friend in Italia non tornerà, because in America earns 5000 dollari al mese… L’Italia sarà pure bella, ma senza job come si campa?

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