Here is an exchange of views (quantomai current) happened in the aftermath of the tragedy of September 11 2001 between Oriana Fallaci is Tiziano Terzani. If you want to read the original articles Oriana Fallaci is Tiziano Terzani you can follow the link at the end post.

The enemy is home

I am very much, very angry. Angry with a cold rage, Glossy, rational. An anger that eliminates every detachment, every indulgence. That orders me to answer him, and above all to spit on him. I spit on them. […]

Continue the canard of Islam "moderate", comedy tolerance, Lie integration, the farce of multiculturalism. And with this, trying to make us believe that the enemy consists of a small minority and that the small minority living in distant countries. Be’, the enemy is not a small minority. And we have it in home. And it is an enemy that at a glance it does not seem an enemy.. Without the beard, Western dress, and according to his accomplices in good or in bad faith perfectly-placed-in-our-system-social. That is, with a residence permit. Con l’automobile. with family.
Islam is the Koran, my dear. However and wherever. And the Koran is incompatible with the Freedom, It is incompatible with democracy, It is incompatible with Human Rights. It is incompatible with the concept of civilization.[…] Trying to make people believe that there is an Islam distinct from Islam's terrorism. Un Islam mite, advanced, moderate, so ready to understand our culture and to respect our freedom. […] The moderate Islam does not exist.

The decline of intelligence is the decline of Reason. And everything that happens today in Europe, in Eurabia, but above all in Italy is decline of Reason. Before d’be ethically wrong is intellectually wrong. Against Reason. The illusion that there is an Islam good and an Islam bad ie do not understand that there is Islam and that's it, that all of Islam is a pond and that at this rate we end up drowning in the pond, It is against Reason. Not defend their territory, its own home, their children, its own dignity, its essence, It is against Reason. Passively accept the silly or cynical lies that we are given such as arsenic in the soup is against Reason. Accustom, submit, surrender of cowardice or laziness is against Reason. Dying of thirst and loneliness in a desert where the sun shines Allah instead of the sun of is against Reason.
Oriana Fallaci

Think about what you think and write is your right. The problem though is that, your fame, your brilliant lesson in intolerance is now making in schools, influencing our children and this worries me.
and you, Oriana, put yourself in the place of this crusade against all those who are not like you or that you dislike, do you really offering us salvation? Salvation is not in your burning anger, nor in the calculated military campaign called, just to make it more acceptable, “Enduring Freedom”.

Or do you really think that violence is the best way to overcome violence? From that world is world there has not been the war which put an end to all wars. Nor will this.
Tiziano Terzani

I'm not talking, obvious, the hyenas who enjoy to see images of rubble and giggle fine-to-the-Americans-is-fine. I'm talking about people who, though not stupid or bad, They are wallowing in prudence and doubt. And to them I say: Wake Up, people, Wake Up! Intimidated as you are by the fear of going against the current that is to appear racist (word inapt as we are speaking not about a race, He is on a religion), You do not understand or do not want to understand that is underway Crusade down. Who are accustomed to double-dealing, blinded as you are by myopia, You do not understand or do not want to understand that is underway war of religion. Desired and declared by a fringe of that religion, perhaps, however, a war of religion. A war they call Jihad. Guerra Santa. A war that does not seek to conquer our territory, perhaps, but that certainly seeks to conquer our souls. The disappearance of our freedom and our civilization. The annihilation of our way of live and dying, the way we pray or not to pray, our way of eating and drinking and dressing and entertaining and informing not understand or do not want to understand that if we do not oppose, if there is defended, if you do not fight, Jihad will win. It will destroy the world that fine O male we were able to build, to change, to improve, to make it a little 'smarter ie less bigoted or even not bigoted. And with that it will destroy our culture, our art, our science, our morals, our securities, our pleasures…
Oriana Fallaci

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