What is the difference between an immigrant and a cleaning lady Italian researcher?
Apparently not the salary ...
800 EUR boys, This is the salary that our country gives Researchers.
Not talking about kids twenty years they have to do the apprenticeship, but superprofessionisti capable and creative, men or women 40 years with a family to support. In many cases the family are not even applying because they are completely absorbed by a profession too demanding. I Researchers are not monks, are people like us (maybe better): They have their needs, i loro dreams, their weaknesses, i loro interessi e la voglia di costruirsi una life.
Lvaoratori are giving a major contribution to society. The researchers estimate that people commendable and should be paid for what they actually are worth. From 'the other side is establishing a Social Model that rewards only those who sell smoke. People of culture, intelligenza e capacità discutibili riescono ad avere successo attraverso il servilismo e quella vuota appearance che si cela dietro il loro operato. It is true that these "junk" but there are also countries negl'altri, unlike Italy, researchers socially valued. Qui da noi vengono trattati come l’ultima ruota del carro anche se dovrebbero be la prima.

RESEARCHER: a trade to be avoided?? last edit: Monday,en,8 January 11:19, 2007 the nabladue

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