The previous post compels me, since we went completely off topic, to open a new discussion.
Essentially it arose a controversy, between thirty or so, on life lived and on securities be attributed to the experiences and choices of life . I do not summarized because I risk not be impartial, if you want to read the comments.

At this point I would like to leave the role of philosophical Nabla to make room for what they are everyday: a boy 28 years (even if tomorrow I'll be a year older).
I must say I read what he wrote Bea gave me a huge relief, and even a little ' happiness why not.
The relief of know that there is someone who thinks like you, without saying who is better or worse, I only say that for me it is rare.
The frenzy today is the rule. The thinking is not a choice. Sacrifice is to be avoided.
Bea as I tried to do what I could to my best, putting more and l 'soul in everything I have done in life, and the results I got them a bit too 'ability to, much for commitment. I've had so many satisfactions, I also had disappointments: but I have always fought and gave my best in everything, and that makes me feel vivo, makes me feel that I have not wasted my time.

I prefer to do 2 things, ma fatte fine that 100 made male, They have done so.
Perhaps there is someone who does 100 made fine, lucky them! I am limited.
Too many times my sacrifice has been devalued, commitment derided, fatigue despised.
What I missed in life? I honestly think very little.
There were times when I found myself almost out of obligation, drinking too much, to go out with women who did not love…
Then I realized, struggling and suffering, that those things do not really interest me.
I have never liked to be part of the pack, go with the flow, do things because they all do. The life It is too short to waste, to chase after things that do not interest us.

I do not have economic problems, but I have always lived on a shoestring. A period I suffered for that and I was obsessed with wanting to make a career for money, then I realized that, actually, I do not care.
It 'was the right thing, I gave up and will give up many things in life, ma ne ho guadagnate e ne guadagnerò tante altre di value molto più grande. At least I had the courage making a choice.
In matter Economic my philosophy became: Nothing more than necessary.
itself philosophy Also for entertainment.
Despite commitments and economic difficulties, I tried always experiences that I could leave something in life. I also had a cohabitation: she's gone male. But it went was beautiful, He left me very, much more than spending years in the premises to put crosses on a board to show you did 50 Girls; and who cares! And I want to stress that mine is not a fallback, but a choice.

I conclude with a criticism I have the courage to do and I take my responsibility.
If the priority of my generations of thirties and over in life it is to go out every night and stick to this right as children with candy, instead of making things more constructive, I am fine with me: everyone makes their own choices. But then we do not complain if the company does not give us the good job, the family, about home... Things are built by the sacrifice, with knowing how to give: the company goes ahead thanks to people who are serious about death, who sacrificed his life for the ideals, for the family, to construct.
If you want to choose it Bacchus, if you want something in between choose it, if you want the sanctity choose it, ma abbiate il courage delle vostre scelte e non permettetevi (to respect first of all to yourself) di credere che Jesus sia come Bacco che Einstein sia come un perditempo, that Budda sia come un discotecaro, Mazzini is a coward. Respect for all, but also know how to appreciate and evaluate the differences, It is not the same.

It is not the same… last edit: Monday,en,28 May 13:32, 2007 the nabladue

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