Indiani d'america - Nativi americani

I did not know at that time that was the end of many things. when I look back, now, from this high hill of my old age, I still see the butchered women and children, stacked and scattered along that ravine zigzag, clearly as I saw them with my own eyes as a young man.
And I realize that something else died with them, up there, on the bloody snow, and he was buried in the blizzard.
There died dream of a people. It was a beautiful dream… the circle of the nation is broken and its fragments are scattered.
The circle has no center, e l’tree Sacred died.
Black Elk

Along the path of your life make sure you do not deprive others of happiness.
Avoid giving your sorrows but similar, Unlike, see to provide them with joy whenever you can!
Proverbio Sioux – Phrases Native Americans.
A uomo really is a civil uomo that, He is sitting on the floor of his hut, She feels connected with other creatures and sees the unity of 'universe.
Quest’uomo, and not other, It came to the very essence of civilization.
Bear standing- Phrases American Indians.
The earth does not belong to’uomo, It is l’uomo that belongs to the land.
To smile – Duwamish – Phrases Native Americans.
The whites always want something, They are always discontented and restless. We do not know what they want, we can not understand them.
Boss Indians PUEBLO – Phrases American Indians.
The Dakota were elderly essays. They knew that the heart of each be Human moving away from nature escalates.
They knew that the lack of deep respect for living beings and for all that grows, It leads quickly to the lack of respect for men. For this reason the contact with nature, making young people capable of deep feelings, It was an important part of their training.
Standing Bear Lakota – Phrases American Indians.
The man sometimes thinks be It was created to dominate, to benefit from exploitation others. But it is wrong. He is only part of the whole. Its function is not to exploit, but that of belonging, to integrate into the nature and the cosmos. The man has not power, it privileges, It has only responsibility.
Orens Lyons, Onondaga – Phrases Native Americans.
Attentive while you speak.
With your words you create a world around you.
Proverbio Navajo – Phrases American Indians.
Big Spirito, preserve me from judging a man before having walked a mile in his moccasins.
GeronimoPhrases Native Americans.
A mother who educates a child educates a man, a mother who educates a child educates people.
Indian saying – Phrases American Indians.
I once thought of be the one man who continued to be friend white man, but since they came and emptied our tents, stole our horses and everything else, it's hard for me to believe even white men.
Pot Black Cheyenne – Phrases Native Americans.
If you are not willing to know the other side of the river, then the safest and prudent place for you It is the grave:
there can not happen to you anything of male.
Said Native Americans – Phrases Native American.
Expect the rivers to flow to the contrary, the same way that every free born man to be happy d’be confined within the limits imposed by others, without the freedom to go where he wants.
Boss Giuseppe – Phrases Native American.
It's not like you're born, but how to die, which reveals what people.
Black Elk – Phrases Native American.
Without Mother Earth we would not be here, yet we're killing, we are destroying the air, water, we're taking them all his force.
Birgil Kills Straight – Lakota – Phrases Native American.
Concedimi, the big Spirito,
to learn the lessons that you have hidden
every leaf on every stone.
I want to be strong,
not to dominate my brother,
but to fight my greatest enemy:
Prayer Cheyenne – Phrases Native American.
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