Who does not know what he wants from life He pours his dissatisfaction in 'act daily

A chief asked his subject to purchase a’ car for the company.
"What kind of car?"He asked the subject.
"One is the other, It is not a major issue and there lose too time!"Said the head.
The employee, after thinking it over, back from the head, and proposes the purchase of a Fiat Panda.
“Una Fiat Panda?ʱ?? question the boss.
"Yes," replied the other.
"But I think my employees should run on a machine so trivial? Choose something else, car more sporty. "
The employee gets back to brood, back and offered him an Alfa GTV.
"Are you crazy you want something simpler, Mica should not go for the rides. And then forget the Italian machines, We know they are poor ".
The subject, a bit 'disheartened gets back to job and comes back with a new proposal:
“Una Smart”
"No, it's too small," says the boss.
A Ford CMax says the subject
"No it is too big"
The employee tries again:
"A Volkswagen Polo"

The head rebuke "Are you out of your mind! Going to buy a’ foreign car when there is a crisis in Italy. We need to consume goods Italians to move our economy "

Poor employee tries to fight back: "But last time I said that Italian cars are of very poor quality!ʱ??

"you are wrong, perhaps you understand male! Keep looking, you have to put more effort in this matter! The choice of a company car is a very important deal, It is a matter of image, do not underestimate!ʱ??

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