The shallowness hinders the understanding of the true value things

In una remota regione dell’West accadde che un contadino, while returning home through a country path, He found a statuette. After examining thought: "It is a statue of a fat man and more of a bad material that resembles steel. Just I find someone to give away to a few brisk, at least tomorrow I will have breakfast paid!ʱ??. And so he did, the first traveler who spent bought for little more than the price of a cup of coffee and a croissant. The traveler went immediately to assess the statue by the goldsmith of the country. The latter asked him stunned: "But where did you find it? This is a beautiful specimen of Buddha Chinese Rhodium. The material of which it is made is worth twice as much gold and the processing is magnificent. Just give it a clean and good as new, so the least you can sell at the price of a nice apartment.

The statuette and the farmer last edit: Monday,en,8 September 09:35, 2014 the nabladue

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