Try to end criticism from unhappy is like trying to stop the water
out of a jar with a large hole using a needle.

Un padre accompagnava tutte le mattine il son a scuola. The son aveva un grosso zaino sulle spalle. Tutti i giorni incrociavano un passante che camminava abitualmente nella direzione opposta per recarsi al job.

When the passerby saw them for the first time muttered:

“Crazy stuff, but how do you load a child with that big backpack and his father walking blissfully without weights on his back!”

the next day, the father, having heard criticism, He thought of charging backpack on
shoulders. The passer-crossed them again and said,: “What are these stories! An elderly father must absorb as a burden that risks to injure your back! No longer of an age to make certain efforts!”

La mattina dopo luomo, certain of the authenticity of the advice of the passer, He thought not to carry the pack for its approval. When her father came into the field of view of passers smirked, but the latter scolded:

“But where will we end! Now even more backpacks are worn to school! I remember that my
tempi avevo una valigia di books da portare a scuola!”

The next day his father thought he had finally the solution to the problems posed by the sincere passer. Decise di farsi accompagnare dal loro grande cane pastore e legò sulla groppa del cane il pesante zaino.

At the usual time and in about the same place again cross the past that
starts to grumble:”But this is animal cruelty! If it continues to denounce the competent authorities! Così gli passerà la voglia di abusare di un povero cane!”

At this point the father became sad, ma giunse alla conclusione che il buon uomo could, with his criticisms, help them understand their own blunders. Therefore she opted for a solution that thought he could not grab the approval of the passer.

He bought a small van with three wheels, caricò lo zaino nel vano posteriore e partì con il son verso la scuola. This time he was sure he had made the right choice, but when they met again through he began to shake his head:

“That heresy! After this I saw them all! Alle persone non va neanche più di walk! To do little more than 1 kilometer bought a van!”

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