"The Music is their lack of any urbanity,especially for the property, that its instruments, to extend their action beyond what you want, (the neighborhood) , so it somehow creeps and go to disturb the freedom of those who are not part of the musical entertainment (…) It's almost like the pleasure it gives a smell that spreads from afar. He who pulls out his handkerchief scented, These ones that are around against their will ... " (...) "Among the poets there are many brains light (incapable of serious occupations) as among the musicians "

Immanuel Side “Antropologia dal punto di vista pragmatico”

L’uomo che non ha musica nel cuore ed è insensibile ai melodiosi accordi è adatto a tradimenti, deceptions and robberies;
The motions of his spirit are dull as night, and his appetites are dark as Erebus:
not trust him. listening to music.

William Shakespeare “ Il mercante di Venezia” .

Words, only words, words between us.

Io sto con Siddharta: our wise friend d’Oriente, who once said,: "The words non fanno fine al senso segreto: everything immediately becomes a little 'different, a po'falsata,a fact po'strampalata, eppur questo è fine, even with this I agree,ciò che per un uomo è tesoro e wisdom, for the other always it has a tone folly »

Hermann Hesse “Il pilgrimage in the East " (phrases zen sulle parole)

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