Buddha Siddhartha Gautama

«Il bramino Dona vide il Buddha seduto sotto un tree and he was so impressed by the aura that emanated conscious and serene, and the splendor of his appearance, he asked:
- Six case a it gave?
– No, Brahma, not a it gave.
- So you're an angel?
- no really, Brahma.
– Allora sei uno spirit?
– No, non sono uno spirit.
- so, what are you?
- I'm awake. "
(Anguttara Nikaya)


  1. L 'lighting and the way of the golden mean
  2. The noble truth and the fundamental precepts
  3. La vita del principe Siddhartha
  4. Plato
  5. L’ Buddhist love

Introduction to Buddhism

The Buddhism He says: "Look for them the Way means coming to the cessation of pain in life, not flee life. Sure, avvolgessimo would get little if our body in comfort, as do those who live for the pleasures of the senses, but neither mistreat the body has some utility.ʱ??

There are two types of suffering for the Buddhism: one is intrinsically linked to the human condition, atra is induced by mind. The suffering caused by the existential human condition is caused by: disease, old age, birth is death. The non-acceptance or poor understanding of this suffering gives birth to more suffering. This is the suffering caused to men by other men. Ira, I hate, pride, passion, envy, fear, arrogance, jealousy and greed create suffering. They arise from ' ignorance (nescience). for the Buddhism Solo la awareness, understood as experience direct and not as knowledge intellectual, can remove these negative mental states.

for the Buddhism non serve maltrattare il corpo, because there is a Intrinsic unit mind and body. Indeed, all atoms dell 'universe They are interconnected. this is the truth the interdependent nature and devoid of self of all things. Buddha realized that nothing has a separate self from the rest of 'universe. The absence of only one, between the phenomena of 'universe, It makes it impossible for the existence of all other. Tutti i fenomeni sono dipendenti tra loro per il Buddhism. The absence of a separate self means that things can evolve, birth and death. The death di una cosa permette la birth di un’altra. for this, many worlds are created and destroyed many others. there is not anything to separate and eternal: about life of an be It depends on that of all other. Therefore, everything is constituted by aggregates impermaneti, and any be It born from other human beings and raises others (we also think to the carbon cycle).

Un detto del Buddhism sostiene afferma che: a grain of sand contains in itself the whole 'universe. The two entities universe and granule are not independent of each other: It exists because there is also the other. The concept of non- be It is false as to be. Indeed, things exist (I'm) but do not originate and life independent of everything else (They are not independent of the other things).
Inaccurate perceptions distort reality, make it seem permanent what is impermanent; they seem equipped with a self-, what actually has none; They make it seem divided Things United. Then accept life It means accepting the impermanence of all things and the selflessness. Once you understand what, exiting Network ignorance and visions incorrect and transcend the categories of the human. Il buddista illuminato vede che non c’è né birth nor death, neither creation nor destruction, neither one nor many, either inside or outside , neither large nor small, either pure or impure.
Ignorance is born the notion of "I". The ego is born “the other” (The separate from me). And from this dichotomy arise negative mental states that lead the ego to try to overwhelm others. Then, born wishes, attachment, the attempt to counteract the becoming. Instead, since there is the distinction between subject and object, between a self and another self, also it falls to me and born a huge love for all beings.
Meditation for Buddha It is the practice to obtain the realization. It is the means by which to unify mind, body and breath.
Why Buddhists meditate long and consider meditation a religious practice.

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